Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Kilt Forum!


I hope you find what you are looking for while you are here!


Here are the basic rules:


First and foremost we are a kilted family. That is most likely why you are here. We are dedicated to promoting the kilt as an everyday garment for everyone, regardless of background, ancestry or any other consideration.


Please limit the adult nature of your posts to a rating of PG. That includes no nudity. This is not that kind of website. We are committed to keeping the mystery alive, kindly refrain from displaying what is or is not under the kilt.


Posting images or graphic depictions of explicit sexual acts is not allowed.Images that violate this rule will either be removed outright or changed to a link depending on context, content and posting location as decided by admin staff. (that means the member's get a little more leeway here). This IS a kilt forum after all.


If you are a merchant or vendor of kilted/celtic or other such goods, do not just post your wares and run. You must be an official merchant or active member of the board to post your wares.


Do not post the contents of a private message in the public forum. They are private for a reason.


Please refrain from posting entire articles from other sources as well as a link. There are a lot of issues here, especially hosting space that we don't need to waste. A link and summary will work just as well.


Do not argue with the moderating team on the boards. They are here to help keep the peace and keep spammers out. Do not make their lives miserable. If there is an issue, bring it up with KT via personal message.


so, in a nutshell:PG without nudity on the public forums no personal hate-group posting private arguing with the mods


Above and beyond all else, you MUST respect the other posters here. Disagree all you want, but respect each other and be civil at ALL times. Heated conversation is fine, as long as it isn't a mud slinging match. Posting just to pick a fight has no place here.


Anyone not following these simple rules will be warned once before more drastic measures are taken.About spam:Any spammers will not only have their post deleted, their logins will be deleted and banned from ever coming back. I will not tolerate anyone soiling my home with mindless ramblings and horrible marketing campaigns that have absolutely nothing to do with kilts or celtic cultures.


lastly, there is a word filter. Moderators have sole discretion to monitor and resolve any attempt to deceive the word filter. Nice kilted folks such as ourselves shouldn't need foul language to have a good conversation.


UPDATE: The Political section has been moved to the Member's only area. Please keep political in that section.UPDATE: All of these rules are at the discretion of KT, founder of the Brotherhood and owner of this forum. I am not going to put up with any more crap, regardless of how close or far from the rules it might be. This Brotherhood is my baby and what I am most proud of besides my family. These rules are lax to allow the free flow of conversation, intelligent or otherwise, but not to allow personal attacks of blatant "stirring of the pot" just to see who gets pissed off.


Do not push your luck by riding the line on what is or is not allowed.