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    Just because someone shares the same lineage & DNA, with me, does not automatically make them correct nor to be of desirable advice & company.
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    I for one do not subscribe to "you can pick your friends but not your family" Why do we suffer treatment from family that we would never tolerate from non-family? They way some people feel they can treat family members would get a punch in the nose at a tavern. I told my mother (for lack of better term) to hit the dusty trail 10 years ago. I do not miss her at all. In fact I'm better off without her. My wife has recently walked away from her abusive parents. She has had the greatest weight lifted from her shoulders. Welcome to 2013. Divorcing family has become a reality. Litmus test: if a person treats you in a way that causes your foot to go up their butt or a serious FU to their face, then that treatment is NOT okay just because they are a family member. If you tell me I can't come if I dress a certain way, FU, I'm not coming.
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    My wife found a great metabolic increaser/fat burner. 2 tsp honey,2 tsp apple cider vinegar mixed in orange,pineapple or grapefruit juice. Drink before a meal.
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    Joe, you know what I'm like... loyalty makes you family, blood merely makes you related. I regret the times I missed with my Ma, but by the same token, she was a stubborn, harsh-tongued proud Highlander, & I dont miss the numerous dressing-downs I received for real or imaginary infractions. The one thing she would NEVER think of doing though was to castigate me for showing my heritage. If she had, I would have worn the kilt regardless, as my bloodline is FAR more than just one member of it. If I can remind you (as a friend): Listen Men. This is bringing before all the Sons of the Gael, the King and Parliament of Britain have forever abolished the act against the Highland Dress; which came down to the Clans from the beginning of the world to the year 1746. This must bring great joy to every Highland Heart. You are no longer bound down to the unmanly dress of the Lowlander. This is declaring to every Man, young and old, simple and gentle, that they may after this put on and wear the Truis, the Little Kilt, the Coat, and the Striped Hose, as also the Belted Plaid, without fear of the Law of the Realm or the spite of the enemies.
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    If you reveal the secrets of the fry, you will be flayed and filleted, wrapped in beer batter and plunged into boiling oil.
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    It was. It only looks crooked like that after the second bottle.
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    I own 9 kilts and zero p@nt$. If someone is going to be closed-minded enough to tell me that I cannot wear the kilt, then that person has no place in my life. No one tells me that I can't wear the kilt. The English crown tried that centuries ago (clan proscriptions) and that oppressive behavior isn't going to cut it anymore.
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    Especially us Gordons!!! Jim
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    I prefer "classic human". Potato/potatoe....