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    i hate when boobies are thrust in my face, and then get fussed at for looking
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    Eugene, I know there are no Cycling Savvy instructors in Virginia at this time. The program is growing, but I may be your closest instructor (I'm in Louisville, KY, about nine hours of driving from you). Cycling Savvy is a class on what we call Mindful Cycling. We teach folks how to lead the dance of dealing with traffic. It's a great program, and I'm excited to be an instructor. My wife and I will be putting on some classes in the spring. That said, some of the Cycling Savvy class is better suited to a city a bit larger than Locust Grove (I have kin in Sperryville and Woodville, a bit the other side of Culpeper from you). I am also certified as a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor, although my fees have lapsed. I can still teach the information, of course, but I don't have their insurance coverage. I may have to bring bicycles the next time my wife and I get over that way. Your part of the world is wonderful to see by bicycle.
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    Hah! I misread the title, I thought it said kilts WIGS and ale... I was thinking someone finally got Amadan some hair!!!
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    last month I got some new ink, face ink that is.
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    here in Wisconsin we have gotten a few days of 0° or below but I have been staying kilted no p@nt$ for me
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    Heck, I ride wearing a kilt a good part of the time. At least on my upright bikes. On my recumbent bikes, however, I find that the pleats interfere with the steering (Picture below). That Donut Race looks like fun, for sure. I'd be tempted to haul my Big Dummy up there for it, and ride HAULING donuts of some sort (it's a cargo bike, capable of hauling 400# including my large self--in the shot below, I'm wearing a Black Watch hybrid purchased from Got Kilt, I think...).
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