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    End of summer is not the end of kilt wearing. I will wear my kilts down to at least 20F. I will tend to go with the heavier wool over the lighter weight PV kilts. For the most part I am just going from a car in the parking lot to a building. So even if colder than 20F not an issue. May be if I had to walk a couple of miles I might adjust the minimum temperature for that venture. I have experimented with heavy socks above the knee but parking lot to building not necessary. The other day I was out in the country spending about half the day outside. It was mid 80's with a higher humidity and sunny skies. For some stupid reason I wore jeans. I was miserable. As soon as I got home I ditched the jeans and put on my lighter weight PV kilt. Mike
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    I doubt anyone would argue that kilts and beer go together. That said, I also like trying various beers. Well if one goes to buy beer in a kilt, one must seriously consider a beer which keeps to the theme of men in kilts. Getting frustrated that I couldn't find an applicable beer I turned the last corner. And there it was. A beer with a man running in a kilt with a claymore (though a wee picture it is).
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    USA Kilts is good as well
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    Although not a vendor here, Celtic Croft is a great company to do business with. Kilts-n-stuff.com
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    Here is my latest video on The Rules of Wearing a Kilt Please leave comments and questions below and follow my blog! don't forget to get your copy of Kiltology on Amazon!
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    I agree...plus, I've been around many people while kilted in the heat, and they all say that I must be more comfortable than they are, so they recognize this as well.
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    I firmly believe you are right!