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    Look over to the right of this post...you will see what I mean
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    Am I the only one, who, when finished reading a forum post, immediately look for the "Like" button? Regardless of the forum, I catch myself doing this, almost by reflex, rather than initiating writing a brief reply. Curse you, FaceBook, for subsidizing my social network laziness.
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    Always regimental, all the time - and with no intention to offend I cannot accept this argument at all - how often do I immediately sit down on a chair after another kilted man, who for the sake of the argument must be wearing a kilt hitting him about mid-thigh or have a flaccid "manhood" that hangs well into the double-digits in order to have his disease splayed all over the seat? Not too often... This isn't an argument for underwear, it's an argument for wrapping one's self in hermetically-sealed plastic or never leaving the safety of one's home, because the bigger threat is touching door-knobs, railings, table-tops, chairs, or any other item that resides in the public domain that another person could have touched before you touch it. If this is our level of fear none of us better get into a car, on a plane, take a shower or use any electrical appliance in our homes. The sole argument about being regimental is the possibility of someone becoming exposed. I've been wearing kilts for 5 years and I've not exposed myself because I am conscious about certain movements and adjust myself accordingly. I've been around children and I just don't allow them to run up under my kilt; If I am going to wrestle with my grand-niece then I am going to take the kilt off and put a pair of shorts on. If I am in my yard on a ladder in a kilt, then shame on the person that stands under the ladder, not shame on me for dressing to my comfort. I've had a fair gust of wind lift a kilt up and been able to manage to catch the front. When I kneel I push the apron of my kilt between my legs and make sure there is fabric between my thighs instead of blue sky... The arguments about lewdness must always include intent and the objective to expose one's self - a women who's shirt has removed in order to receive CPR is not going to be ticketed for indecent exposure after she's been resuscitated, neither is a man who's accidentally fallen down the stairs wearing a kilt when regimental - I always have to scoff at men who site this as a reason for insisting kilt-wearers wear undergarments. A gust of wind can happen and yes, I suppose there is always a chance of flashing the front or backside, but there's always a change of me splitting the crotch of my jeans or accidentally having my p@nt$ ripped off by wild animals - in light of those possibilities I still go commando because I think the chances are pretty darn slim and if I am going to live my life considering the worst-case scenario then I am going to be slightly more fearful of some other situations before any of these. As a kilt wearer I don't think that all eyes are on me hoping that they can catch a glimpse of my genitals, nor do I set myself up for it to happen; at work I don't climb on top of my desk or decide to crawl under it organize my computer cables when I'm kilted. At a bar I make sure that when I climb onto a stool my sporran falls where it should, and if there are grabby people trying to lift my kilt up I make sure my ass is against a wall or I maintain a free hand (unless it's someone I want to cop a feel). The intent is never for me to expose myself but I'm not going to stress it at the same level that I stress a nuclear holocaust or global warming. I by all means agree that there are those, based on their definition of personal hygiene or out of fear of exposure will want to wear whatever it is they want to wear under the kilt, but I won't fall prey to the arguments that because I chose to go regimental that I am setting myself up for a horrible disease or that I will be branded a sex-offender and do 10-12 in the State Penn because someone else had too much beer on St Patrick's Day and lifted the back of my kilt; If I have that level of fear simply because I kilt-up then I better do so solely within the confines of my own home with the window shades down. If you feel freeballing is not for you don't do it but don't scare others who want to enjoy this aspect of unbifurcation. So many of us kilt for different reasons: to be different, for vanity ,to celebrate our ethnicity, because it's a great and unique garment, for comfort, to stand out - and to many of us here I assume there is some fun associated to the age-old question of what is under the kilt. For me it's nothing and I think that is part of the allure - to some the allure is the innuendo and to me the allure is fact - I am balls-to-the-wall nekkid underneath and it's a great part of being a man in a kilt, and I'll bet my car and my home that 10 years from now I'll not have been institutionalized nor will I have contracted gonorrhea (least not from sitting in another kilted man's chair) because I chose to be regimental... Kilt on gentlemen, Kevin
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    Advice from an old kiltie...... I should start this off by saying that I don't know it all. There are many people more knowledgeable than I am. I do wear the kilt, and I try to wear it with respect and pride. Over the years, I have learned some things along the way that I would like to pass on. Not that it is any great distinction, but I am a dedicated, full time kilt wearer and have been for several years. OK – Here we go……….. I continue to be asked by those who know me and those who just meet me about kilts. Most people, when they find out or realize that I wear the kilt full time, get curious. Some consider also getting and wearing the kilt. Some wives have even called me a bad influence. Be that as it may, I get asked for advice quite often. So I decided to customize some sage words that might fit the average new kiltie. (Kiltie – somebody who wears a kilt, usually a man.) Maybe if the words below are heeded you can avoid some of the mistakes that I made. Assumptions: Some assumptions are in order. I assume the individual I am writing this for lives in the U. S., but with today’s access to the internet, this advice holds true for almost anyone. I assume that the individual has never worn a kilt before (maybe he once wore a rented outfit at a wedding or Burn’s dinner.) I assume he is an out-going, vivacious extrovert and is not afraid of trying something new. Let’s face it, if you don’t want to stand out in a crowd, you shouldn’t wear the kilt. If you aren’t thick skinned enough to handle a little teasing, you shouldn’t wear a kilt. I assume he doesn’t already own a kilt. For lack of a better term, I will refer to the clothes you currently wear as Saxon clothes. These are your jeans, shirts, suits, belts, socks, sport coats and all the things you now use to cover your body. Generally, kilts can be broken down into two very broad categories: tartan and non-tartan. Tartan kilts tend to be made in the manner that has been adopted as the national dress of Scotland. Tartan kilts have pleats in the back and an apron in front. Generally, tartan kilts don’t have pockets. Non-tartan kilts have been called modern, non-traditional, contemporary and many other names. Non-tartan kilts are made in many different ways. Some have small aprons, different pleating styles, even pockets. When addressing this type of kilt, the rules or conventions go out the window. I am not talking about non-tartan kilts. So, I make the big assumption that we are talking about tartan kilts. I am also going to assume that you want to wear your tartan kilt in a more conventional manner. This means you wear kilt hose (knee socks) with your kilt. It assumes you will be wearing a wide kilt belt (your narrow Saxon belt just won’t work.) It means you will be wearing a sporran, because you don’t have any pockets, and you need someplace to stash your wallet and keys. Research: The first thing that the new kiltie or kilt curious man needs to do is to educate himself. One great way to do that is to get and read a copy of “So You Are Going To Wear The Kilt” written by the late J. Charles Thompson. This is a concise, well written, easy to understand primer on wearing the kilt. It is still in publication and can be found in libraries and on line. Used copies can sometimes be found for around $5. Get this book and read it. Sure, some advice is a bit dated, and some even a little controversial, but all-in-all this is a great place to start. Again - Get this book and read it. Next spend many hours on your computer using google or yahoo or dogpile or whatever. Search and read what you find when you type in relative words, like kilt, Scotland, highland attire, etc. There are many, many good sources for kilt information. Some established clans have extensive information. Ditto some museums. Don’t rush into the first kilt purchase! Get all the information you can. Visit and join on-line kilt forums. One of the best is the Brotherhood of the Kilt at kiltsrock.com. There are many others such as Bravehearts and HexMarks..... Ok, you want to wear the kilt and you want it now! You’ve made the decision to buy your first kilt. What should you do now? Again, don’t be in a hurry. In order to respectfully wear the kilt you need several things. You need a kilt. You need kilt hose and hose flashes. You need a sporran, kilt belt and sporran belt. But, really that’s about it. I recommend you start small – Heaven forbid, you may not like it. Starter kilt: Your starter kilt turn-out can be very cost effective. A starter kilt can cost as little as $30. (Still Water) A very nice usable sporran can be had for $55. (Buzz Kidder) Kilt hose can be found for $15. (On e-bay from Scotland) Starter sporran belts run $15 and kilt belts about $35. (almost everyone has these items.) The look we are going for here is a casual one; not really good enough to go to a wedding, but perfectly fine for bar-hopping. Realistically, you can get a very presentable outfit for under $200. Most, if not all, of your present Saxon shoes and most of your Saxon shirts will work with the kilt. Wear plain colored shirts with no stripes or patterns with your tartan kilt. Lean to match the color of your shirt, hose and flashes to compliment the colors in the chosen tartan. Can you wear your Saxon sport jackets? – No! For now be satisfied wearing a light windbreaker jacket. Remember - You are not ready to go to church kilted - - - not yet! Go at this slowly; take your time. I suggest that you get a very inexpensive kilt first. There are several on-line manufacturers that sell low cost kilts. One of the best is Still Water Kilts. Jerry, the owner, only offers on his web-site those things that he has in stock. His delivery times are very fast. He sells great “starter” kilts. With a little modification by you, even his $30 Thrifty kilt can easily be made to double in value. More on that later. Regardless of the source, this starter kilt will not be high-grade Scottish wool. It may have Velcro instead of the traditional belts. It will be made from man-made fiber. It will have been manufactured and assembled in another country. Who cares? You will look good. If you follow the advice here and in Mr. Thompson’s book, you will not embarrass yourself. In fact with a little bit of effort, you can go to a local Highland game, and walk around with all the old kilties, just like you’ve been kilted for years. Back to this first starter kilt - - If you opted for the lowest price, this kilt will not have the pleats sewn down from the waistband to the hip. This needs to be done. Take a little time (an hour or so) and hand sew down the top eight inches or so of the pleats. You need to measure down from the waistband to where your rear end is at it’s widest. Get your wife or girl friend to help (maybe she’ll take pity on you and do the sewing for you!) This will give a more finished look to the low-end, low-cost kilt. It will make it fit better and also enhance the swing. Almost as important as your first kilt is your first kilt belt. A very serviceable casual kilt belt can be purchased at your local home improvement store or hardware. Look for plain leather tool belts, the kind that carpenters use to attach those big tool pouches from. I still have and use one that I got years ago for under $10. It is made of good quality leather and still gives good service. Wear this starter kilt a lot. Get out in the public. Go to the market. Go to the local pub. Find out for yourself that the kilt is more accepted than you may have thought. Have fun! Maybe buy and sew down the fell on a couple more low-end kilts. Get another pair or two of kilt hose. Make some nice flashes. Red flashes go with almost any tartan. Decision time! Do you still enjoy wearing the kilt? Are you man enough? Can you handle the harassment? No? You’re not out much money. Yes? Then it’s time to look into getting a little better quality kilt. Second level kilt: For your second level kilt I recommend the type and style of kilt sold by USA Kilts. Rocky uses a high-end Poly Viscose fabric that offers easy care and good style. His kilts are machine made, but custom made for you, none-the-less. You can get a quality kilt from USA Kilts for $100 to $200. Rocky also makes higher quality wool kilts, but we’ll talk about them later. OK - Several months have passed. You have your low-end Still Water Kilts to knock around in, maybe a couple of USA Casual Kilts for when you want to look nicer. You feel comfortable in your kilt. The people at the local bar now only make a remark when you fail to wear your kilt. The things that bug you now result from the poor choices you made. Instead of looking for the $55 Buzz Kidder sporran, you found one on e-bay for $12. From the same vender, you got your first kilt belt for $15. You now hate them. The leather is cheap, almost cardboard. The color is coming off, and the leather is cracking. What’s more, you can fit almost nothing inside this cheap sporran. You are now in the market for a better quality sporran. (If you bought the $55.00 Buzz Kidder, you’re ahead of the game.) Sporrans: The best sporrans are hand made by fine craftsmen. I recommend that you check-out Thorfinn Sporrans or Wyvern Leather Works. Both Turpin and Donnie make quality items that last a lifetime. There are also a few others: Joe Gondek, Bob Marlin and Tom Hay come to mind. And you can sometimes find some quality items at a local Scottish Game. If at all possible, touch and feel the product before you buy. Belts: For leather belts, both kilt belts and sporran belts, I recommend Oconee Leather Works. Steve makes top of the line products that also will last a lifetime. While I am on the subject of belts, remember that sporran belt that came with that cheap sporran? The one that is a chain and leather combination? Throw it away; far, far away. The chain sporran belt will damage even high level PV fabric. Reserve chain belts for formal wear, and even then, consider backing that fancy formal evening wear chain with black velvet or suede. Throw away that cheap leather chain combination, it’s an abomination. Hose: You are probably OK with kilt hose, but you’d like some different options. Look into Rugby or Soccer socks. They offer modern yarns, good durability and often nice colors. For cold weather or more dressy times track down some nice wool hose. There are really too many to mention. So here you are. You have several kilts, usable leathers and you now want to think about going to some place which requires a little more dressy appearance. You need a kilt length coat or jacket. Do you really want to spend $200, $300, or more on a jacket? I didn’t think so. What you need to do now is pay a visit to the local Good Will or D. A. V. used clothing store. Look for a tweed sport jacket in your size and cut it down as described in Mr. Thompsons’s book. Then you will be set. If you don’t think you can handle it, there are always local tailors that do alterations who will probably do the job for under $50.00. Top of the line kilt: You now can look for a personal kilt maker. You are probably ready to spend some big bucks on a really quality garment. I suggest that you avoid ordering a kilt from Scotland. Sure, they make good products, but the currency exchange, and sometimes import duty will and can easily double the price for that hand-made kilt. Many companies sell the full blown, heavy wool traditional kilt and you may be overly influenced by the price. Expect to wait three to four months for your kilt to be delivered. For the truly top of the kilt maker’s art, I recommend people like Barbara Tewksbury, Kathy Lare or Wallace Catanach. These individuals are at the pinnacle of their field and they make garments that can be passed down from generation to generation. A high-end kilt made from high end, heavy weight wool fabric can easily cost $750 dollars. This is a decision not entered into lightly. If you are considering a high-end kilt, you are probably also considering high-end exotic fur sporrans, formal evening jackets, formal sporran chains, Ghillie Brogues and maybe much more. Welcome to the addiction. Again, take your time; don’t rush it. Do your research. You probably are now in a position to give advice to others. Wear your kilt with pride! You notice I didn’t touch on contemporary kilts or which tartan to wear; I didn’t talk about dirks or sgians dubh. No mention of canes, walking sticks, cromachs or even a pair of cadadh. Not one word about hats. These subjects and many more can easily take up and do page after page and book after book. These subjects are also subject to more personalized habits and behavior. I will say that Glengarry Hats sell some nice quality items. There, you should be able to find the Balmoral or Glengarry of your dreams. Good luck young kiltie.
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    Meh... I only post silly, so I don't care, either way. It's a popularity contest, or has meaning, only if you wish to perceive it so. Crap... I'm posting about it. Does that mean I care, now?
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    and the winner is..... (deep, gutteral drum roll ) Captain Carrot with.. WAHOOO!!!! I will get with Dirk at Got-Kilt to get the arrangements made. CONGRATS!
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    I just wanted everyone to know, I am still in business. I did stop advertising on the other forum, but for my own reasons. Things have been a bit hectic and out of whack lately, but we are still here! Donnie
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    I'm Glen, my middle name is McMurdo and I thought it was a great forum name, when I was growing up I hated it but have grown into it. I'm a graphic designer and recently designed a tartan for Wildcat Haven in Scotland called the Scottish Wildcat Tartan, we have had 3 runs of it and have raised quite a bit for the cause. 15% of the price of the tartan goes directly to Wildcat Haven and we have given them the rights to it as well. I've been wearing the kilt for about a decade now, for 5 years I wore it everyday when my work allowed it. Now I work at 4 jobs and can not wear the kilt to any of them as they are just too messy. So now I wear them as often as I can away from work. I honestly thought I was done buying stuff but after designing the Wildcat Tartan I got a kilt in it and wanted a kilt suit which I was just able to get done a photo is attached. Of course now I need more to go with it got the Argyll hose to match and looking for a hair sporran. The hunt continues.
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    "Nice Skirt" "Thanks, Nice pantaloons". ---------------------------------------------- "nice Skirt" "Thanks, Nice Pajama bottoms" "These AREN'T Pajama Bottoms" "I know... and this isn't a skirt".
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    yeah...I am too. oh...wait....what is that little button on the right of the post window?
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    For those of you who do not wear the kilt, we kilt-wearing folks fight a battle every day...in the bathroom. When trying to use the bathroom, there are many ways. hike up the kilt, hold it around you as you sit,take it off...and many others. here is something I figured that makes using a public restroom a piece of cake. for this to work, said restroom needs to have a coat hook. step 1: hang sporran from said hook step 2. place kilt belt over hook, it will fold over the hook well enough unless it is one of those really tiny ones. step 3: hang kilt over belt on hook. see caveat on step 2 before doing this. this method enables the kilt wearer to use the bathroom unhindered while keeping the kilt free from whatever is on the floor and from falling into the abyss of the bowl. Be Strong. Put a Kilt ON. *****do not repost without a link to this page***** Get your own copy of Kiltology here! www.amazon.com
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    To herald the relaunch of the website, I am offering up a FREE Brotherhood of the Kilt Tartan Kilt The Contest details will be coming soon! this is a MEMBERS contest! ( yes, I know a lot was broken during the upgrade, I'm working on it! )
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    It is hard to explain. First off, I'll say there are TON of good guys over there. And that forum is the largest most active kilt forum on the internet. A very valuable rescource for information. Many of us have had negative run ins over there. Either over some percieved personality problem, attutide, or subject matter that is not allowed. Lots of subjects are simply just against their posted rulesets. And there are plenty of undesirables over there to help hunt you down and report you for what you thought was innocent but in fact violates thier forum rules. And sometimes they even work a conversation trying to goad you into saying something that they can report. There are also SOME very negative opinionated people over there that get very critical if you dont wear kilt attire within thier boundaries of "proper". This doesnt just stop with "taditional" highland dress. But of those I spoke traditional is highest pet peeve. But they also critique and in my opinion often criticize every aspect of kilt wear. Even non traditional and contemperary. If you wear it too high, too low, wrong sporran, wrong belt ect. They also lock all old discusions after a period of time. If you find an old post you'd like to contribute new information to or ask a question about something that was said. Too bad, you'll have to start a new one. Sometimes they get locked down too soon if the mods dont like some of the content or the direction the thread could be going. As a personal protest, I have chosen not to post a single reply or topic over there in over a year. I will like or "aye" a comment accasionaly or send someone a private message about a local event or something. I'm sure no one over has missed me. Probably didnt even notice that I dont play over there anymore. No old threads are locked here. In fact some people get tickled to see a 6 year old topic spring back to life. Harassment is not really allowed here, but any topicis ok. Polotics, guns, almost anything.
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    I am asked "how can you wear that everywhere?" fairly often by people who can't see themelves in a kilt. Like them, I was cautious in the beginning. I was worried what people would say, how they would react and how it would be recieved by friends and family. Somewhere in that early time I realized that it really doesn't matter what people think about the kilt. They can accept me for who I am or they can reject me. Folks who rejected me obviously were not really interested in me as a person, so no big loss. That knowledge gave me the confidence to wear it more often and eventually to incorporate it into my worklife as a way to stand out in a crowd of business attire. It is that confidence I hope to instill into anyone reading this who is still on the fence about wearing a kilt outside a parade or festival. If you like the kilt for whatever reason, wear it.
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    I am the designer of the tartan, we have set up a facebook page for the Scottish Wildcat Tartan, here is the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1463571157239029/1466159746980170/?notif_t=group_comment_reply For those who have not seen the tartan, here is what I have come up with. Here it is with the gray and brown reversed. If anyone is interested in the tartan and the cause I urge you to please join the facebook page so you can get all the information we have.
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    Ok a big part of my wanting to wear a kilt was because of my now deceased grand father who I was far closer to than my own father, he died last December and until now I have never had the money to even consider it. Hannay tartan is not a cheap fabric! Before he died he spoke of the family and its history also of piping which I'm glad to say I began lessons before he died. I have read a lot of your posts and advice. If anyone out there has any more advice in particular to my first kilt being of Hannay ancient tartan please please let me know
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    While my wife was shopping, I wandered into mens wear to look around. I didn't see any p@nt$ I liked, big surprise, but I realized something. I don't bat an eye at $ 100 for a kilt, but it kills me to think of spending more than $ 10 on p@nt$.
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    Good Lawd, I hope not! You'd never be so gradiose to think you were so important or unimportant.
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    I just wanted to prove I don't always wear an Argyll jacket and tie with my kilt. I got nothing but compliments all day.
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    I am going to be a father for the first time! Estimated date July 26th! Another BotK member is on the way.
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    So took Friday off and went the storage unit this week and pulled my bin of p@nt$ out. Kept one set of swim trunks, then took all my p@nt$ to the homeless shelter and donated them. Since I don't need the p@nt$ any more i decided to donate the to the homeless. I have been trying to get over my fear of public speaking for a long time finally got up the courage this weekend and went to a local comedy club and did a 15 minute routine. I did pretty good got some laughs and felt awesome walking up there and standing in front of the whole place in the kilt.
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    This is my nephew and his wife at their wedding.This is me getting a profile shot in full Garb for the OK Ren Faire.This is Myself ( Far Right ) and Eleven other Kiltedmen; at the 2016 Tulsa Scotfest.
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    Morning Kilties, I'm CactusJack I have been around off and on from the beginning (at least according to my BOTK membership card) Not as active as I used to be but this place still holds a special meaning to me. Met and made many friends here, several who became like my own family (you all know who you are) Not as active as I used to be in the St. Louis Scottish community as I once was. Recently became a member Clan Campbell which is my clan. Not much more to say.
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    Here is my progress report: 1. Kiltology V2 final edits are half done. I expect to have the book to press next week 2. This site will be getting the facelift I promised when the book is done. I plan to start next weekend. 3. I have a vendor or two who are looking to join us. I will be posting more about that when I get home from work today. 4. BotK tartan has been sent to one of our merchants. I am awaiting their response on feasability and availability. otherwise, work, kids, home, life in general is still ticking along. ...more to come...
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    first - all unresolved ordering issues will be resolved before #2 second - upgrading the forum software to the newest version...this is a major update, so it will not be done in haste third....Kiltology V2 is in the hands of a real live editor!!! WAHOOO!!!! slainte, KT
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    A little update from a happening of a little over a year ago. On December 26, 2013 mine and my wife's vehicle were broken into, and my Beretta was stolen. Well I got a call from one of the local officers called me and let me know that it had been found, and that once everything goes through the legal system I will be able to get it back. I am glad to know that it is off the street, and nobody was hurt with it. Can't wait to get my baby back.
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    I wore my OD utility kilt Saturday morning to the dealership to have my wife's car serviced. We were sitting in the waiting area when a young lady sat down and asked if we could talk. I said sure she then just looked at me and said tell me about yourself and your kilt. For the next 45 minutes or so I went over the different types of kilts, modern and traditional, which led into a brief history and description of the Highland Games. All the while my wife sat smiling , she is used to this by now. Before we parted company I gave her the names of the BOTK, UT kilts, Stillwater and Sportkilts for her husband. When we finished there we went to a local small town trade days on the square where I got several "nice kilt" from the ladies and two thumbs ups from some of the guys. One guy made the comment about "there is a man brave enough to wear a kilt" when I smiled at him he said "I have one too" so I said well where is it? , he shook his head and pointed to his wife and said she wouldn't let him wear it any where but ren fest and such. Had several conversations with some of the female venders about "what' s under the kilt?". All in all a great Saturday in the kilt, just glad my wife is understanding and not the jealous type. S
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    Was asked to serve communion this past Sunday, I was already planning on kilting up, but decided to dress it up a little since i would be serving. Any way afterward my wife and I stopped at a local smokehouse to pick up something for dinner, when we were checking out the woman asked where I was heading, my guess she was expecting to hear I was heading to a celtic festival or something, when I told her we were just coming home from church I got one of those looks that is hard to explain, but it made me chuckle when I got out of the store. Blesr heart she didn't know what to think.
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    Freedom in our kilted world is sought daily, not only from uncomfortable bifurcated garments, but from that which holds us back. Freedom from oppression, tyranny and evil. Personal freedom to think, wander and grow as we feel is right. Freedom to explore both the world we live in and the world in our own minds. Most important in this search for freedom is the freedom to be who we are and live as we do, without being forced to exist as an automaton grinding out the day in someone else's image of how you are to be. Live your own life Be true to your self Know yourself inside and out Kilt on!
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    In the works is my personal kilt blog. I don't feel like trying to find where my own stuff should go, so I'm going to start a blog here. I hope it is entertaining if nothing more
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    Freedom Is Not Free I watched the flag pass by one day. It fluttered in the breeze. A young Marine saluted it, and then he stood at ease. I looked at him in uniform So young, so tall, so proud, He'd stand out in any crowd. I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil? How many mothers' tears? How many pilots' planes shot down? How many died at sea? How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No, freedom isn't free. I heard the sound of TAPS one night, When everything was still I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times That TAPS had meant "Amen," When a flag had draped a coffin Of a brother or a friend. I thought of all the children, Of the mothers and the wives, Of fathers, sons and husbands With interrupted lives. I thought about a graveyard At the bottom of the sea Of unmarked graves in Arlington. No, freedom isn't free. - Kelly Strong
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    Honesty, integrity, and modesty are all responsibilities that come with wearing the kilt. Well at least the first two.
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    High all, Decided to start adding stuff to FB and I figured lets give kilts its own category hence Adventures in Kilting is born. Most of you know that Amy and I love to travel and I try to kilt it up when out and about. Let me know what you think. Jim
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    We didn't take pics at the party that wasn't, but we wore our Steampunk Captain America outfits so... It does get old having to explain Steampunk, but sometimes it engenders good conversation and converts. lol.
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    Mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beverage. The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking. My wife walked by and asked me what I was doing and I said 'nothing'.......... The reason I said that instead of saying 'just thinking' is because she would have said 'about what'. At that point I would have had to explain that men are deep thinkers about various topics..... which would lead to other questions. Finally I thought about an age old question: Is giving birth more painful than getting kicked in the nuts? Women always maintain that giving birth is way more painful than a guy getting kicked in the nuts. Well, after another beer, and some heavy deductive thinking, I have come up with the answer to that question. Getting kicked in the nuts is way more painful than having a baby; and here is the reason for my conclusion: A year or so after giving birth, a woman will often say, "It might be nice to have another child." On the other hand, you never hear a guy say, "You know, I think I would like another kick in the nuts." I rest my case................ Time for another drink
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    On 1 July 1782 Royal assent was given to Repeal of the Act Proscription the Wearing of Highland Dress 22 George III, Cap. 63, 1782 and a proclamation issued in Gaelic and English announced: Listen Men. This is bringing before all the Sons of the Gael, the King and Parliament of Britain have forever abolished the act against the Highland Dress; which came down to the Clans from the beginning of the world to the year 1746. This must bring great joy to every Highland Heart. You are no longer bound down to the unmanly dress of the Lowlander. This is declaring to every Man, young and old, simple and gentle, that they may after this put on and wear the Truis, the Little Kilt, the Coat, and the Striped Hose, as also the Belted Plaid, without fear of the Law of the Realm or the spite of the enemies. So if you need an excuse to wear the kilt today this is it.
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    I clicked because I thought It said Boobs!
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    Several members (who shall remain anonymous) were in the midst of planning a minion uprising, but your return thwarted their dastardly scheme. Other than that, everything is just peachy-keen.
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    Everyone assumes at first that mine is dinosaur related. (It kind of IS in an incredibly tenuous & convoluted way but that's another story!) In fact, my name came about due to my time doing rescue work with birds of prey (raptors), along with keeping them as pets. I absolutely love them, in particular the falcons.
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    saw this on the interwebs...
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    Happy 61st birthday, Douglas Adams. My towel is ready.
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    So, I'm sitting at my desk, at work, working on a project, when I get a phone call, from my wife: "Hey, I've got an idea, for our tenth wedding anniversary" "OK.." I reply, thinking she's really planning ahead, since our anniversary isn't until later this year, "Whats the idea?" "Let's go to Ireland." Gotta love a woman who thinks like that!
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    New, today: My family crest/pseudo-clan badge. The shield & bird are normally white, but my skin doesn't accept white ink well. The Latin translates as: "Across all time" The bird is a sander, a common bird. The Roman # IV represents that I am son number 4. On my upper arm, above my Celtic knot/cross. (I prefer stark and simplistic ink)
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    As a kiltie, change is an accepted fact of life. Most of us made the choice to change our clothing, which in turn is followed by a change in lifestyle. There are many aspects of being kilted which are not normally found among the non-kilted, like sporran management and pleat checking. In making the choice to change, embracing the kilt, we also change our social status. We unintentionally become of font of knowledge, being asked every manner of questions. This choice to wear the kilt puts us squarely in the limelight no matter where we are. Choosing to wear the kilt is a major and bold change. Do not tread this lightly, but when you do, enjoy all the benefits you will reap from joining the ranks of the kilted! *****do not repost without a link to this page***** Get your own copy of Kiltology here! http://www.kiltology.com
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    And this is a happy day..Why??????
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    Do you have a different Decemeber 7th then the rest of us? If so, please share.
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