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    In an effort to keep the baddies away, I added a few tools to prevent them from even viewing the site. I hope this will greatly reduce the spammers, even though it may prevent a handful of legit folks from getting here. overall, progress is being made!
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    Here is the group shot of the first Tartan Tuesday of the new decade, it was wonderful to catch up after the hectic holiday season.
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    last september i whent for the fist time to my scottish(well more celtic) event i whent as a representant of my clan (clan Macleod), i had alot of fun and liked to go there next year ill go once again i'm sure (but will try to have more money so i can enjoye the launch meal ) here a picture of me in my macleod of lewis with the head of my society in my area he is wearing his personal (registred) tartan
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    Windowless VW van and promises....and 11 yrs later here we are. I actually do no wear a kilt and have not been able to entice anyone in my family to do so. The BoTK members still took me in and truly became brothers & sisters of the heart.
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    There is a Burns Night in Columbus, Texas January, 18th. If you want tickets here's the link. https://secure.givelively.org/event/live-oak-art-center/burns-night
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    I've had three fusion surgeries, two neck, one lumbar. Get your neck checked out. Problem is that the longer you wait, the more likely it'll be permanent even if they fix it. Mom and one of my sister had diverticulitis. Not fun.
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    gonna need some help resurrecting this, clearing out all the spam and getting it rocking again. any help or ideas are welcome.
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    Perhaps if you went to the "Introductions" section, of the forum, and told a little bit about yourself (kilt related), before posting further?
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    May we suggest an eye exam, and an appropriate forum?
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    Sounds Like It I Took A Soup Stock Class Once And I Was The Only Male. John
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    Nice To Hear From You Again. john
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    After a 2 month wait I got my new kilts from UT kilts a 13oz wool Macmillan back,and 16oz wool Cambell And my sister got me a tam from the Southern Cal Rinn fair.and I got the pin for my Tam on eBay. will wear my Macmillan back to chuck for a class on the end time.