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    In an effort to keep the baddies away, I added a few tools to prevent them from even viewing the site. I hope this will greatly reduce the spammers, even though it may prevent a handful of legit folks from getting here. overall, progress is being made!
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    Here is the group shot of the first Tartan Tuesday of the new decade, it was wonderful to catch up after the hectic holiday season.
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    last september i whent for the fist time to my scottish(well more celtic) event i whent as a representant of my clan (clan Macleod), i had alot of fun and liked to go there next year ill go once again i'm sure (but will try to have more money so i can enjoye the launch meal ) here a picture of me in my macleod of lewis with the head of my society in my area he is wearing his personal (registred) tartan
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    Windowless VW van and promises....and 11 yrs later here we are. I actually do no wear a kilt and have not been able to entice anyone in my family to do so. The BoTK members still took me in and truly became brothers & sisters of the heart.
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    There is a Burns Night in Columbus, Texas January, 18th. If you want tickets here's the link. https://secure.givelively.org/event/live-oak-art-center/burns-night
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    I've had three fusion surgeries, two neck, one lumbar. Get your neck checked out. Problem is that the longer you wait, the more likely it'll be permanent even if they fix it. Mom and one of my sister had diverticulitis. Not fun.
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    gonna need some help resurrecting this, clearing out all the spam and getting it rocking again. any help or ideas are welcome.
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    Perhaps if you went to the "Introductions" section, of the forum, and told a little bit about yourself (kilt related), before posting further?
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    May we suggest an eye exam, and an appropriate forum?
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    Sounds Like It I Took A Soup Stock Class Once And I Was The Only Male. John
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    Nice To Hear From You Again. john
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    After a 2 month wait I got my new kilts from UT kilts a 13oz wool Macmillan back,and 16oz wool Cambell And my sister got me a tam from the Southern Cal Rinn fair.and I got the pin for my Tam on eBay. will wear my Macmillan back to chuck for a class on the end time.
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    For those who are interested in our band, you can find us on Facebook at: DRUMS AND PIPES OF THE HOUSTON IRISH https://www.facebook.com/texaswildgeese/
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    Lot of non-kilt related SPAM. I suggest we do not respond directly (within the topic threads). Let them die an ignominious death.
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    FJR, THANK YOU! We stand at three effectives at the moment. Not bad for only being back in service for three weeks :-)
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    It Will Happen When The Time's Right One Day You Will Wake Up And Decide Today Is The Day. john
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    Yesterday I was informed of a way to research your heritage at the local library. It's basically free access to Ancestry.ca here in Canada. I'm not too sure if all libraries have this access but it's worth a shot if you want to find out a little bit about your ancestors. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time there as once you start you may end up with many brick walls, albeit temporary. It also helps to have relatives and parents who can help you answer some questions if you don't know the info yourself. Hope this helps someone. Chrisp
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    Just an update. I've discovered an organization known as The Sons of Scotland that gets together in various Canadian cities for various functions and such. There's a section on their website that has listed a section on tartans. I have sent an email to see about joining and haven't heard back yet. Has anyone here any experience with them and is it a decent organization?
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    So, once again the highland games will return to Houston, after a 4 or 5 year hiatus. They were supposed to come back last year, but that fell through. However this year is different, April 13th at Crown Festival Park in Sugarland, TX HHGA presents the Houston Highland Games. It will be a small festival this year with just the athletic competitions, clan tents, and a few vendors. Hoping that it will be well attended and we can grow more and more each year. So brothers, if you are reading this please make plans to come out and watch big men in kilts throw heavy things for your pleasure.
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    Seven Nations is coming to Columbus GA tonight for a free outdoor concert on Broadway. What a great Saint Patrick's Day gift. I'll be there kilt and all. Starts at 6:30 pm with a traditional band before them.
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    Mine's not traditional by any means, but I typically opt for the "flat cap".
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    You wear them well brother
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    Down here the black beret is worn by our Armoured Corps, & some support units to the SAS. As I was in the navy, I never officially "earned" a beret, but when I did a stint in a "private security" team, we wore a red beret on parade & an infantry green one in the bush. I would personally never wear either black or sand, as I have close mates in those two particular regiments, but outside of that, I've seen combat in both regular AND irregular military units, & I consider I've earned the right to wear what the I like. Anyone who tells me I cant will be needing to explain their logic physically.
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    Having come to X Marks 4 years after the OP here. I mentioned something similar over there and was also met with strong opposition. I didnt understand since I dont wear kilts in the traditional way at all. My wife is take it leave it on the kilt. She isnt for it, but also isnt opposed if I want to wear it. She does however LOVE the beret. I bought a black US mil spec and a tan one for use on different kilt outfit combos I plan to put together. I was in the US Army, 4th Inf Div but did not earn any berets. In fact I didnt earn anything but knees that have ached every day for the past 15 years. When I asked if I "earned" a beret my attitude more like this. "No, I didnt earn a beret, but what I did earn is this. I have a job, where I went to work and EARNED the money I used to buy my berets from a legal distributor".
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    Fascinating since for the longest time the black beret was the symbol of passing through Ranger training but now the brown beret is. l personally still wear the black beret I got in college for being part of Rudders Rangers at A&M. I wear it as a remembrance of those friends who have passed on and as a reminder of my college days. I did not get to go to Ranger school as I expected due to an injury which even now all these years later is the one great regret of my life.