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  1. With pleating, yes the military usually go for a stripe, much easier to adjust sizing later on, but really there is no restriction on how anyone outside a uniform situation should have your kilt, if you like to the stripe go for it, it's a personal choice, neither a rule or a requirement
  2. 22.1.16 ...Thank you paulhenry for your welcome. I worked in London for a year in the early seventies......I later danced Scottish Country Dancing based in South Dorset for years. We attended Highland Balls from Southampton to Exeter and Bristol. Check out R.S.C.D.S. and South Dorset Caledonian Society Ball for some live Scottish Country Dance Music..........................................................................................................................................

    I would recommend getting a traditional 8 yard 16 oz traditional Scottish Kilt which fits correctly at the waist and is the correct length, with the hem at the top of the kneecap.........................................................................................

    I retired to Cornwall. The land of the Cornish Celts......The Cornish Kilt has its own heritage.......   Start by checking out Cornovi. .....   There are Nine Cornish Tartans....  another good story.....  wee laddie 18

  3. Welcome, from a kilt maker in SW London
  4. I've been talking to Kevin about the possibility of doing a run of the BOTK tartan in 16 oz wool- would anyone be interested. I would be prepared to keep a little stock, but would also need to have a few orders to start with.The price will change dramatically with increased yardage, but even with a small order the price will be comparable to a standard Lochcarron stock cloth, and it could get to £36 with a 40 yard order or even cheaper with more.The cloth would be double width, so for an 8 yard kilt only 4 yards would be needed. This is just a first post to try and get an idea of the interest, I've also posted on facebook, so apologies for any duplication.1 I've done many runs of different tartans , and am happy to supply cloth only , or other items such as kilts, ties etc if asked, but I'd be happy to get hold of the cloth first!
  5. Very happy to help, yes based near Kingston SW london
  6. I am considering purchasing a new kilt but always prefer to be measured by the kiltmaker rather than attempting it myself. Do you offer personal consultations? I can easily get to Kingston, which is where I believe you are based.


    Best wishes,



    1. paulhenry



       yes I'm always happy to talk about kilts, and happy to meet up and discuss details

    2. Gerry


      Hi Paul,


      Am wondering if you could manage lunchtime on Saturday, 25th March. 


      I'll be travelling by public transport from North London. What is your address?


      Best wishes,



  7. I'm still here although an infrequent poster, I'm a kilt maker based in London, Great Britain, but am always happy to help with technical/kilt/tartan related queries!
  8. With very few exceptions, you can wear whatever tartan you like, although some people act like it , there are not kilt police! When people ask me which to choose when I'm making them a kilt, I start by suggesting a family connection, then perhaps a district or place connection, perhaps then an organisation, and then perhaps a tartan that they like. My point being that it is good to have a connection - in some way - a kilt is usually a fairly expensive garment which will last a long time, it's important to be comfortable in it, and it's a good idea to know a little about it's history as well, you will be asked!
  9. There isn't an "official" Irish kilt, while the first kilts from the 19th Century were generally black or green or saffron, they have no actual status. While the leine was often in a saffron colour and although called saffron, the colour refers to the colour of the saffron stamens rather than the dyed colour, which is actually a light yellow, and would have been so expensive that it wold have been unlikely to have widespread common use.There are however many plants which will give a "saffron" sort of colour which are abundant and cheap!
  10. I think it is really up to you, and not to worry too much about what others will say, yes the Irish didn't have kilts historically, but they are now fairly accepted, and there are many "Irish" inspired tartans, created to fill a need in much the same way that hundreds of Victorian tartans were created, so I think even though some are barely 30 years old they still have a meaning for some. I might hold back on too many accessories and let the kilt stand out, I mean I don't ever wear Ghillie Brogues, I don't have a skean dubh, I wear good grey or tweed jackets rather than a Prince Charlie, because that is what I am more comfortable in, and if it was a special day I'd want to not only look good but feel at ease as well.
  11. Update: I will keep the ordering book open for another fortnight( until the 14th February ) and then the tartan will be ordered, so if anyone has been thinking about getting some cloth or a scarf , please act soon otherwise you might be disappointed, The order will definitely be going ahead and then we all need to be patient until it is woven, but it's well worth the wait
  12. I'm very happy to announce that the ordering link for the third weaving of the Scottish Wildcat Tartan is now live. I used this method of ordering previously and it worked well because all the details are kept in one place. Please select the item from the list and then "add to cart" ,there will be a chance to check your ordering before payment. The payment can be made either by paypal or by most major credit cards. There has been a price increase from the weaver which I have had to add in, I still believe the cost of the cloth is very reasonable and is actually less than a standard Scottish 16 oz tartan from Lochcarron, and the Wildcat tartan includes a 15% royalty to the Wildcat Haven from every sale of the cloth. The cloth will be commissioned once there are enough orders, but if everyone who has shown interest already commits then there shown be no difficulty in fulfilling the order. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me, you are the first to know, I will be letting the various facebook groups know over the next few days. Many thanks for your interest in the conservation efforts to help the Wildcats, it's a great tartan to help them.
  13. The 2nd run of the Wildcart tartan has just arrived so i will be very busy for the next few weeks cutting,fraying,purling and even sewing
  14. Yes, I can confirm that I've placed an order for 72 metres this morning, so now we all have to wait - patiently!
  15. bumping up this thread, the good news that we are about to commission a second run, all the details here so please let me know if anyone is interested