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  1. Ah Puffer the Grand ol' man is always looking sharp. Ya have my respect Sir.
  2. Oh, merci, merci, thank you, thank you, I was hoping our friends in Europe would post some pictures after I read about the big snow storms you were having over there. These pictures are delightful. We have not had any snow yet here in the heart land of the USA. There is a big snow storm up north in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Northern Iowa. It is barely going to miss us. We are going to have our first single digit temps tonight.
  3. Yes Raptor, it was Gorbachev, if I am not mistaking, who said,"America would not be destroyed by external foes, but by internal foes." or something to that affect. It was John Adams who said, "Every democracy has destroyed itself." The Greeks turned to Alexander the Great, The Romans to Julius Caesar. When the people get over fed, and under worked, they turn soft,and become lovers of pleasure. They are no longer willing to pay the price for their freedom, and national independence. Look at Berkly, and San Francisco. They tried to run the military recruiters out of town,and are paying honor to the traitorous spies of Wiki leaks. Read the comments after the news articles on yahoo. The conspiracy theorist, and America haters are convinced, this government from the Federal, all the way down to the local fire, and police department are evil, conniving,fibbing,corrupt people. On the other hand Al Quida, Hamas, Taliban, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea are the good guys,our victims and we are trying to frame them so we can mount war against them. I am flabbergasted. We won WWII because we out produced Japan, Germany, and Italy. We no longer produce anything. Like the Spaniards who took all the gold and wealth from the Americas, becoming the wealthiest, and first modern nation, and than spent it all in Northern Europe for lace, and all kinds of luxuries. Their wealth went else where and they became a second rate power. On top of that they drove all the educated people from the country with the Holy Catholic Inquisition. Our wealth is all being spent overseas. Has not Obama continually talked of redistribution of wealth. Not just between Americans, but between nations. You are right, when you are on top the only way to go is down. However, as Abraham Lincoln put it. "As long as the people are moral, no man can destroy the country in 4 years." There in lies the problem. Lust, greed, pride, selfishness, and a lack of love for God, Country, Neighbor, family, and nature. Unless we awake to the values, and beliefs that made this country different from all others, and all previous world powers we are doomed. The pope recently said,"America is the worlds last, best,hope. I fear we will let ourselves, and the world down. This may sound pessimistic,but I have read the scriptures and I know what is next, and it is exciting. Too bad we have to go through some hard times before history meets its meaningful culmination.
  4. Well, as most of you probably already figured out, I am opposed to the use of anything that bends the mind,thus the potential of hurting others,and harms the body. I also made the statement you can not legislate morality. I pointed to prohibition which had similar results to what we are seeing now with Marijuana. I feel education might be a better route to go. I do feel we have failed to educate the people on the health hazards of alcohol, as well as the disastrous affect it has on families, crime, accidents, and violence. If marijuana were socially acceptable, probably we would see a great increase in the problems resulting from its use. Never the less, maybe the terrible crime rate,and violence of the drug gangs might go away.I am watching to see if the stepped up education campaign against the use of tobacco has any impact, that would give us a clue. It is not, as some would like to indicate, a desire of the religious,and conservatives to run every bodies lives as some would like to indicate. It is a matter of loving, and respecting your body, and those around you affected by the use of drugs for entertainment. I could level the same charge against the left for trying to run our lives by outlawing bake sales at schools, fruit drinks and pop in vending machines, salt on tables in the restaurants, and toys in McDonald happy meals. I personally like my freedom, health,and wealth to much to squander it on some momentary physical pleasure that destroys my health, family life, and places peoples lives and property in danger. I can have a lot more fun with a clear head, and mind. I do not need drugs to get an emotional high, and I can remember the fun the next day. I would like to see some of the money spent to educate our young people on the terrible cost of using drugs for entertainment purposes. For me there is a fine line between government getting to powerful, and involved in our personal choices, and protecting the public from those who do not make good judgements. What is your reaction to my words.
  5. Very interesting opinion on the subject of the plight of the white male by a Native American. I am interested in what you think.
  6. Some think Mary Jane is harmless, and do not understand why it is considered harmful.They seem to think it is outlawed because some people just want to spoil their fun, and run their lives for them. They even believe there is no danger of accidents caused by those under the influence. This is the answer given by Go Ask Alice to the question is it harmless. I think the problem with Mary Jane, and alcohol is insufficient education of the public on these mind bending drugs, and their affect on the body and society. You can not legislate morality. They tried that during the prohibition, and look at the crime wave that resulted. We now face the same problem with Mary Jane, and other illegal drugs. I wonder if our money would be better spent on educating the population to the dangers, and problems created. Alcohol destroys more lives, homes, and deaths than all the illegal drugs, because it is socially acceptable in our society. We have never educated the population on alcohol. Oddly enough, they are trying to educate the public on the dangers of tobacco,which is not mind bending, but is harmful to those around about,but little or no effort on Marijuana and other drugs. Please read this answer on Go Ask Alice.
  7. I sure would like to see some pictures of the big snow in Europe from some of our members over there. I like snow scenes. I just don't like to drive in them.
  8. It has been a long while since I was on here. I have been very busy with a writing course, and a photography course. Not to mention, caring for a 90 year old lady. She had a heart attack on Sunday, and I had to put her in a nursing home. She believes she is in rehab and will be going home, but that is impossible. She has lost her short term memory for the most part, she can no longer get up out of a chair on her own, has periods of confusion, and now has to wear a diaper. She needs constant 24 hour supervision, which I can not do. I changed and bathed my wife before she died, but I cannot do that for this lady. She is very unhappy where she is,it makes me sad,and I feel guilty,but I know I cannot safely keep her in her house. My courses are finished, so look out guys I am back. I had not been here since I posted the comment I made on Chris Webbs post "Surviving and Thriving in A Conservative world. I have only just scanned over the post, I am impressed with the respectful manner in which the various views were shared and discussed. I intend to carefully read them, and come back with questions. It turned out to be, or so it seems, a very informative discussion. Anyway, hi yall, and a very Merry CHRISTmas to ya, no matter what your beliefs or views.
  9. Now my friend, and you are my friend, I would like to take a moment of your time to share my perspective on the issue you have raised. A conservative is one who seeks to conserve all that is good, right, and important to the well being of man kind, our nation, our community, and family. A conservative will hold to those value, beliefs, resources,and traditions which benefit man kind. It is true a conservative does not want change for the sake of change, as all change is not good. Now, in terms of politics in this country, a conservative tends to hold to the ideology, philosophy,and views of our founding fathers, the Federalist papers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. In these documents we find a strong belief that government is best which governs least. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They viewed government with suspicion. Like John Adams pointed out all Democracies destroy themselves. The Greek democracy fell to Alexander the Great. The Roman democracy fell to Julius Caesar. With in a democracy there is always a struggle for power. If these powers get out of balance, those with the most power will take over. For this reason they wanted Americans to have guns. Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington both felt the people should have the means to defend themselves from the government. Also,they had a strong belief in a decentralized government, with political powers down near the people as possible. Every thing that could be done at the local city, and county government should be done there. Those things that could not be done at that level were to be done at the state level. The 10th Amendment listed the powers of the Federal Government, everything not reserved for the Federal Government, and not denied the state, belongs to the state. If we were to adhere to the 10th Amendment the national budget would be in surplus. Now we live in a time when those who believe in this system, and traditional rugged American Independence are being called right wing extremist. Should not the Constitution be in the middle. Right wing extremism should be way to the right of the Constitution, and our founding fathers. To believe in economic freedom and property rights as did our founding fathers should not be considered right wing extremism. Remember the poor do not create wealth, or jobs. The government does not create wealth, it is the rich that create wealth and jobs. Should we take away the reward for working, inventing, entrepreneurship, and reward the idle man. Should we make the poor dependent on the government, locking them into poverty. Should we teach a major portion of the population that they have a right to the benefits, the world owes them, the government is supposed to take care of them? Benjamin Franklin stated,he believed in helping the poor by leading them, and driving them out of poverty. He said, the more you do for the poor the less they do for themselves, and the poorer they become. The less you do for the poor, the more they do for themselves, and the rioher they become. Then when the government gets so huge, and large amounts of the revenue taken from the working man runs short, and benefits have to be cut, the beneficiary's take to the streets in riots, like in Greece, and other socialist countries. Socialism only works until the rich run out of money. It is better to share unequally in the wealth, than equally in the poverty. China, India, Russia abandoned their socialism, and now look. The poor in this country are among the wealthiest 1% of the worlds population. With government control of health care, education, the endowment of the arts, etc. comes control over you. You are no longer able to make your own decisions, your freedom is diminished. Your health care decisions will be made by some bureaucrat who knows nothing about you, only what the rules are on some sheet of paper. As we saw at the beginning of this administration, lesson plans were put out to train the children to help Obama, Songs sung in his praise, the endowment of the arts sent out word to create posters praising, and supporting Obama. This should never be in America. The more the government does for you the less freedom you have. Now religion, God is love, and while he gave us our free agency, he also wants us to love and respect our bodies. So it may seem to you that conservatives live in fear of God. (It does say fear God) However, it is a matter of loving your body, and therefore you will take care of it. You have the freedom to heap your lust, and greed,upon yourself. You must remember however, there are for ever action a reaction. If you stick your hand in the fire, you know what will happen. Jump of a cliff, and you know what will happen. So, it is with life, right relationships (righteousness)are based on pure selfless love. Sin, or wrong relationships are based on self centerdness, lust,greed, and pride. Right relationships lead to harmony, peace, joy, happiness, and good health. Sinful relationships lead to contention, strife, anger, hatred, possibly violence,(Mental and Physical), sickness, sadness, and misery. Righteousness is the path to freedom. Sin may look enticing but it is a path to self destruction and slavery. I am always reminded of Isaiah when he said "The liberal deviseth liberal things, and stands upon them thinking they know in and of themselves. God said "let there be light" and all things came into being. Everything is made of light, even the invisible matter, or dark matter which scientist now believe is another complete universe here in our midst. There are other dimensions, or heavens we can not see. "I am the sun and the light of the sun, and the power by which it was made. I am the moon, and the light of the moon, and the power by which it was made. I am in all, through all, around all, above all, below all. I am the light that lightenths your mind. I am alpha, and omega. I am in your midst, and you cannot see me. The spark of God is within each of us, if not so we could not abide. What goes on inside of us is just as much a part of the Universe as what is outside of us. What is inside of us is what we are to be about. The whole Universe is a manifestation of God. We are to take it within us, and there we can see all things as they really are. Deep within us is that spark by which we can judge all things. He is Love. We can commune with him, God is love, and the creator. He said, "Let us make man in our image." He looks for these qualities in his creation, Love and creativity. There is no space in which there is no kingdom, there is no kingdom in which there is no law given, a greater or lesser kingdom. Look out and see the universe with its space and its laws. Look into a drop of water. Expand that drop of water to the size of the earth, and the hydrogen molecules would be the size of a base ball, expand the hydrogen molecule to the size of the earth, and the nucleus would be two inches in diameter. There is no space where there is no kingdom,and there is no kingdom in which there is no space. There is no kingdom in which there is no law given. All creation obeys the unchangeable laws of our unchangeable God. Break the laws and the consequences are sure, humble ones self and accept his council, keep his laws, and find freedom, joy, love, peace, happiness and health. If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally, and upraideth not. As you see my friend my view of a Conservative is very different from a liberal looking at conservatism.
  10. Wow, that kind of trivia is fascinating. Everything that we do, use, believe, or have learned is indeed based on all that has gone on before. We are who we are as a result of all histories events, and discoveries. Our technology, dress, housing, legal system, religion, diet, language, and entire culture is all built on the past. You can take anything and trace it back through history, even words. History marches on from the dawn of time to its final culmination. The culmination of history gives everything that has gone on before its meaning. Man has exercised his creativity and free agency, but God is in control of history. It will culminate in the kingdom of God, as Daniel saw thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon. He saw history down to our time. He knew the Babylonians, he knew the Meads and Persians, he knew the Greeks, but he did not know who the last symbol represented. The Romans were unknown to him, nor could he have known the ten horns of the last beat represented the modern nations. He had no way of knowing Hitler (the little horn) would rise and pluck out three nations (horns) Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Belgium,and then be destroyed in turn. He was extremely vexed as he saw the Jewish people warn down to near extinction. He saw them return to their lands, and all nations come up against them. He then saw a period of terrible tribulation before the end. The end being the destruction of the wicked. Sorry I got carries away, Lol
  11. I wish I could sew. I vacillate between selling my Brotherhood of the Kilt kilt, and wearing it. Most people would not know anything is wrong with it. The idea of taking out all those stitches is scary enough, let alone sewing it.
  12. Nothing like finding something you want, or need, but cannot afford at a price you can.
  13. Here we are the 12th of November, and we have still not had any cold weather. We have been in the 70s, no sign of snow. I am wondering how long this will last. I hear Denver has had snow, I hope it stays out west. I suppose by now upper New York, and Maine should have had some winter. I have a bad feeling it will not last long.