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  1. well it seems you are one who is grasping what I'm saying... it's true, it's a very tradition based industry but... is it stuck in tradition because there's a small market or is there a small market because it's stuck in tradition?.. that's the question... I think the answer is the latter... Black Tie formal wear is also rooted in tradition however, I can go online and without even trying, find dozens of Tuxedo and Dinner Jackets in different styles from Victorian to 21st century... there is no such choice in kilt jackets.. it's basically a PC or an Argyle or nothing.. how are you going to sell a $600 kilt to a young guy and not provide a few choices in jackets to go with it? I'm 50 and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been anywhere a PC is an appropriate garment.. am I supposed to show up in a local pub on saturday night in the kilted equivalent of Black Tie or should I just hang the kilt in the closet until the next wedding I attend? maybe I'll just put on a T-shirt and some sneakers instead... at least I'll get some use out of the kilts I spent a small fortune on.. anyway. I'm just being sarcastic.. I have lots of clothes to wear with my kilts but none of it can really be worn with a sporran.. it's a shame because I have some nice sporrans and to me a sporran is half the kilt..
  2. I'm not interested in what others think or feel about what I say... I say what I think and I mean what I say.. by the way, is this your signature? "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
  3. invitation to leave accepted.. it's been a slice folks!
  4. I'm in Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. attitude? I responded to a comment that basically said "I don't want to hear it".. that doesn't sound so "live and let live" or "open minded" to me.. furthermore, it was ended with what basically amounts to an invite to leave this forum and go elsewhere.. so who is it that has the attitude?
  6. sure you can get anything you want if you want to spend some serious money on handcrafted items from artisans like the ones you mention, that's a given.. what I'm talking about is the 'stardard' Scottish merchant like Scotsweb etc.. in Vancouver we have several of them and they all sell the same items from the same manufacturers.. but for the name on the door, you can't tell one from the other...wouldn't it be nice to go in one day and see a few styles of jacket.. or a few more choices of belt? or a kilt pin that isn't a sword or a clan crest? the way I see it is they've severely limited their potential customer base to weddings, pipe bands and Robby Burns dinners because their creativity level is somewhere around ZERO.. kilts at one time were an every day clothing item.. that should still be the case but it's not.. I wear a kilt a lot and the second most common question is "what's the occasion?"..
  7. the site intro says this is a kilt related discussion forum, if you have a problem with what kilt related topics I choose to discuss then feel free to ignore my posts.. there's a button you can click so you never have to see another word I say.. see, I'm not a 'go along to get along' kind of guy.. if I see something I like I say so, if I see something I don't like, I say so... if you got a problem with that then hit the button..
  8. besides, I didn't spend $600 a pop for kilts to be worn with sneakers and T-shirts.. I got $20 jeans for that... when I wear my kilt it's because I want to dress nice and go out on the town..
  9. oh I see... so McDonalds hasn't made any changes to their menu? Levis hasn't added to their range of clothing? jeans were once for work in the mines and fields.. now they are a basic in everyone's wardrobe including the sharp dressed business man.. last time I checked you could buy jeans up to and over $500 a pair.. business is about making money alright,, it's usually done by being innovative and capturing market share..
  10. I'm not crapping on the 'new guy' I'm crapping on the people who supply the 'new guy' and every other guy with the same tired old stuff.. while there are 'merchants' on this site that do have unique stuff they are not really merchants but rather artisans and craftsmen.. my point is that I have stuff that's over 30 years old and I can still find the exact same article on a dozen sites in less than 5 minutes.. the bottom line is, if you want some of my money you had better have something that I haven't seen a thousand times before because I didn't buy it then, so I'm not about to buy it now.. perhaps if more people voiced their boredom with things it might be different and we could have a friggin' jacket to wear that isn't a Prince Charlie or hacked up blazer..btw, Brooks Brothers is having a summer clearance sale.. I bought over a thousand dollars worth of clothing from them in the last few weeks.. none of that thousand dollars went to a kilt merchant and it isn't because I'm not interested in kilt stuff.. it's because they have nothing of interest to me on offer.. it's as simple as that.. so here I am, a guy with money to spend on nice things and a love for kilts and dressing well... what are the kilt merchants going to do to get me to spend some of my money in their establishments??
  11. I live on the coast in the south west corner of British Columbia.. in the yard itself we get deer, racoons, skunks and squirrels.. lots of birds most of which I have no idea what they are except for crows, hawks, sea gulls, humming birds, and the odd eagle.. lots of little ones.. where I live there's wildlife every where..
  12. I understand this is a niche market, I also understand there is a limited amount of suppliers.. my problem is that limited amount of suppliers has been pawning off the same stuff since my Grand Dad was a kid.. my only reason to buy new hose is because there's holes in my old ones, and not because there's a nice new colour or design that tickles my fancy.. like I said in my rant.. this is a niche market mostly because the suppliers are stuck in the mud of "nothing to see here'.. I'm not surprised that the 20 somethings aren't going out and buying kilts.. do they really want to look like their Grand Dad? I'm 50 and I've been to three weddings in my life, do I really need another Prince Charlie, or a new sporran that looks great with none of my jackets, or 10 pairs of the same colour hose?
  13. I've been thinking for a while today about kilt stuff.. there's a 'new merchant' coming into the forum and while he has some nice stuff, he's got nothing that you can't find at one of the other 10,000 scottish/kilt shops on the net... or worse yet, bought thirty years ago through a local shop that sent away to scotland for the very same items they're flogging today... I guess my point is that.. I"M BORED WITH IT! you can find 10,000 tartans in every possible colour combination going but that's where it ends.. hose are light green or dark green, light blue or dark blue, white, grey or black and that's about it with a few exceptions.. coats? everyone needs a coat most days of the year and there's 4 or 5 different choices? all too formal for a trip to anywhere but a wedding or something of the sort.. either that or you look like a dork.. (sorry no offence) but seriously, there's a reason kilts are not very popular and it's not because it's a "skirt", it's because it's been relegated to weddings and Ren fairs because nobody has spent a dime on coming up with some cool, up to date stuff to wear with the kilt.. for example, I have a lot of very cool dress socks that would look super if they were long enough, I have blazers that look sharp with a kilt too but because of the cut it's "ditch the sporran" time.. over the years it's gotten to the point that I'm not even wearing a kilt, I'm wearing a skirt as almost nothing else I wear has anything to do with kilts except the hose.. I alway wear hose.. anyway, there's a huge canvas out there that's still blank.. I don't understand it really because a kilt is the only garment that I can think of that can go from the street to the trail to a wedding.. you'd think someone would be trying to come up with something other that a friggin' Prince Charlie to wear with it.. obviously it won't be a huge market but there's a market for Prince Charlie so why not Prince William?? is it really that hard to design a nice jacket that fits the casual or business casual look and still work with a sporran? is it really that hard to dye hose in a few extra colours or maybe a pattern down the side? I guess so.. Rant off so what say yee?
  14. nice to have a new merchant but d@mn.. it would sure be nice to see some new PRODUCT! 3000 kilt merchants on the web selling the same old and tired PC and Argyle jacket in the same old and tired colours.. the same socks, the same sporrans, the same belts and buckles.. the same old, same old.. seriously, if the merchants want some fresh business give us some fresh product.. I'm bored with the stuff I bought 30 years ago!
  15. it won't cost you a thousand unless you get a formal 8 yard kilt.. if you get a 4-5 yard casual it will be around $600.. that's what I paid for one of Manley Richardson's in a custom weave from DC Dalgliesh.. it was an existing tartan pattern but custom woven none the less.. from what I understand it's the same price range per yard regardless of the pattern... not only will this bring the cost way down, a casual kilt is a better garment than and 8 yard 16 oz TANK.. don't know if you've ever tried one, but they're no fun to wear.. they're thick, heavy, and bulky.. they and come up to your armpits and don't look good without a vest or jacket on..