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  1. Argyll is a definate must visit, I am biaised of course because that's where I live and work, oh and by the way I work for VisitScotland as a tourist advisor, so if you would like me to send you some brochures pm me your address. you could easily spend a week in Argyll and not see everything, from Glencoe to the Mull of Kintyre through the most historically prehistoric site on the mainland of Scotland - Kilmartin Glen, Inveraray clan seat of the Campbells, a boat trip to the third biggest whirlpool in the world the Corryvreckan, dine at the famous George Hotel in Inveraray or the quaint Kilberry Inn. Other places of interest and well worth a visit, Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, the famous site of the last battle fought on the British mainland and the demise of the rightful Jacobite cause at Culloden, heck the list is endless, I have met tourist who have spent many months touring Scotland and still missed many of the sights of interest, you need to look to the main specific sites you wish to visit then fill in the gaps from advice given Chris
  2. Me..... I work for VisitScotland as a tourist advisor, it's not quiet a full time job, so I get to run my hobby business Dunadd Trading Company in my spare time selling kilt hose and balmoral/glengarry bonnets, when not involved in the above activities I can be found at the wood lathe turning out gift items for discerning tourists or local exhibitions, or out with my camera taking photo's of the Scottish highlands, when not doing any of the above I am a test pilot for Durex
  3. Look at the Rannoch hose
  4. And it would be my pleasure to be your tour guide and show you every bit of the area not just the usual tourist trail Chris
  5. I will donate a pair of Argyle tops hose for the prize fund, winner to choose the design that best matches his kilt
  6. "Who said snowballs" it takes balls to wear the kilt in the snow
  7. I am glad you noticed this Ron, I took the decision to remove the Lewis / Tiree range from the website, due to the numerous colour and size options available means that a vast amount of my limited capital was tied up in slow selling stock, even though my prices are cheaper than those of many traders and the fact that I dont charge for shipping like most do, I just wasn't getting the support and trade to justify holding the stock, with that all said and done, I can and still do order Lewis / Tiree on request but have to impose a minimum order of just 2 pairs. Hoping this helps Chris
  8. Argyl Tops kilt hose from House of Cheviot in sizes Medium and Large are offered for sale whilst stocks at an incredible £25 including worldwide shipping charges as is the policy at Dunadd Trading Co.
  9. Me thinks you say too much
  10. Well I guess I fall into the 1% of Scots who wear the kilt most of the time, and have invested my hard earned in a decent day sporran that can hold a wallet, loose change, ######, lighter, car keys, house keys, shop keys, comb, and anything else I care to chuck in there, my sporrans are not fancy thing adorned by silver bells and embossed in celtis designs, they are hard wearing, practical pouch sporrans and made by hand on the Isle of Arran, I wear mine fully loaded up everyday and have never felt uncomfortable or weighed down, it has never caused me any bother, and I hardly know it's there. I guess that's why I am in the 1% group according to Teuchter Loon's statistics, the 1% group who knows what they are talking about, Oakley, there are those who know what they are talking about, and those that just like the sound of their own voices, listen to the 1 percenters.
  11. Well that Sir aint no kilt thats a SKIRT, and that Sir makes you a PERVERT, end of story.
  12. More power to a guy that would wear that ! But tough enough to admit it ?? Now thats pure power. From the Beach in Vrginia My Kilt's on BOS'N Tom As a tradional kilt wearing Scot I wonder what planet you guys are on, wearing a skirt, YES a SKIRT that short is the preserve of a pretty lady with nice legs, not some old pervert, I find it disgusting, distasteful and downright hidious, nothing to be proud of, and positively off-putting to anyone who lives in that perverts neighbourhood who is possibly contemplating wearing a kilt, I feel so strongly against it that I put it to the mods and owner of this forum to ban that pervert for bringing the wearing of the kilt into ridicule by claiming he is wearing a kilt.
  13. Redshank


    now if I was to post my thoughts and feelings on the above photo .................. I would be banned for sure
  14. Today I have added 2 more products to the Dunadd Trading Co range. In the contempoary hose section I have added House of Cheviots "Chessboard" range of kilt hose, these hose are made in Merino wool Acrylic blend for comfort, Strength and machine washability, they have a fully reinforced foot area and come with or with out the matching traditional garter ties, available in Brick Red, Loden Green and Mustard in all sizes. They are a beautiful hose and will add that Duke of Rothesay touch of class to your ensemble at a very competitive price that includes worldwide shipping Also added the Robert Mackie Glengarry Bonnets, these are by far the best made Glengarry's that I have come across, extremely well made and finished and available in a full range of colours as per the Balmoral bonnets.
  15. Now I like that, and I also appreciate just how dense that timber is having used it myself in my woodturnings, it's also very expensive. Chap I knew carved a link chain out of a lump of blackwood, took some doing I reckon.