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  1. Cleveland area at Trinity River lake and estates. Which is almost dead center between Cleveland, Liberty an Livingston.
  2. I've been away from here for several years now and am just now getting back on line. There's been a lot that has happened that has kept me away for so long due to health problems and more recently getting flooded out back in May when we had all the rain down here in Texas. Health wise I had a small TIA type stroke followed by a heart attack I didn't know I had. I made it through all that with no lasting problems. The biggest hit my family and I took was back over Memorial Day weekend and we got flooded because the Trinty River came out of it's bank's and we ended up with two feet of water in the house. We lost about 90% of what we had. But belongings and furniture can be replaced lives can't be. We were able to salvage somethings and got our animal family members out of the water and safe. The only lose was my elderly himilayian who passed after the fact from the stress. That being said I will be posting more as I figure out how to use the different things on my phone as we are unable to afford the satellite and net at the moment. Madman
  3. It's a samsung 390, sorry it took so long to respond.
  4. I'm still around having to use the net at the inlaws at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out how to use my phone to access the brotherhood keep getting does not support content message. I'll post more when I have more time.
  5. Just a quick post here, right now it's going to be hit or miss for me being online until we can get service hooked up at our house. I'm still around but I'm have to use the inlaws internet so it's going to a once a week thing for a while.
  6. From what I've read about them they are not venomous, but do have a rather nasty bite and will flatten their head out like a cobra and shake their tails like a rattler. My understanding of them is that they are kind of like a constrictor. But they are also threatened due to habitat loses.
  7. I was going to post this the other day after getting back to the house from helping my father-in-law set up his tree stands. I thought it was a Water Moccasin at first but was told it is a texas indigo snake and yes you are seeing that right this snake killed and was getting ready to eat a rattle snake. This one was just over 6 foot and the rattle snake was 4 to 5 foot. I knew that there were snakes out there that would do this like the Eastern King but it's the first time I had actually been able to see it first hand and get a picture of it. I will admit when I first seen this it scared the crap out of me. http://en.wikipedia....as_Indigo_Snake http://en.wikipedia....s_erebennus.jpg
  8. I say take it run with it, Bob sounds like Elmo and Gollum got together and had a kid. If you do video of this you need to have Bob as a kilted sidekick for this.
  9. First let me say my hat is off to you for choosing to adopt the brother/sister pair. I have been following some of these raids you mentioned on some of the rescue pages on facebook. I to got rather upset which is an understatement I won't repeat what was on my mind here. You make some very good points in regards to this so called trade, not a day goes by that I haven't read something about a raid on one of these operations and it's not just confined to certain Amish operations. And in some cases the rescuers are taking in 50, 100, 200 animals that are in really bad shape mostly small breeds. It tears me up seeing the condition that some of these dogs are in, many who have never been outside of a cage. Over the years my wife and I have taken many animals in from orphaned litters of kittens who were taken care of by a rescued female cat and female dog we had who had weened their litters. I have also gone to the local animal control and took in several senior cats and dogs who would have been put down just because they were old and blind. I have also crawled up under cars in the Walmart parking lot in the snow and ice with ice cold water running up my kilt to get a dog or a cat that needed a home. I have tried many times to figure out the mindset of people who treat animals this way, be it the puppy mills or the dog fighters who will pick up dogs and cats on Craigslist under "Free to a good home" and use these poor animals as bait animals. In the area that I am now living there have been dogs stolen from people's yards for this purpose, that's why when our dogs are put out in the yard I am sitting on the porch with my daughter until we bring them in I also have a double barrel shotgun sitting by the front door just in case someone has the brass to try and take my dogs. I have never understood people like this and I don't think I ever will don't mind my rambling about this subject this is something that is very close to me. My wife and have discussed setting up a small rescue in the future for dogs and cats and taking care of the senior animals that no one really wants to adopt and give them a home until they decide that it is their time to go over the rainbow bridge as they call it on the rescue sites.
  10. Yep it is, when we were signing the paperwork one of the neighbors came back from the lake with 100 pound flathead cat. But the river itself is still low from the drought
  11. Well we found a place so that we can stop staying with the inlaws but it will be early next week before we can move in getting the utilities turned on. The place we found sits with in walking distance of a small lake on the Trinity river and the house is only a 5 minute walk from the river. For those who want to come visit family, friends and the local kilted folks. The directions include "to get to the house you have to turn off of the paved road". I'll get some pictures posted after we have gotten settled in next week.
  12. You'll heal up, and get back on track just don't push to hard until then.
  13. I saw a couple wild hogs coming over here the other night