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  1. Thanks to all for the advice. My son was all discouraged because the lady that made mine and my other son's kilts has the material for his kilt but recently fell and broke her arm taking her out of the sewing game for a while. He will be happy to know that the amerikilt will work out for him worn low. lol they can try lol
  2. So can anyone tell me for sure if the non traditional looking kilts are supposed to be worn up high (around the navel area) like the traditional plaid ones? Seems like I heard or read somewhere that the more modern kilts are intended to be worn lower around the hip area more like where one would wear p@nt$. Any advice on this is appreciated. (The reason I ask this question is that there is a kilt in a certain box currently in my possession that if worn like p@nt$ would fit my youngest son)
  3. Just sent my secret identity and address to CA Beck so the Highlander box is headed my way! It's like waiting for Christmas in August!!
  4. OOH! Getting closer to me....... better start some project goodies to put in!! what to make what to make....
  5. Geeve 420 and I will be competing in the games as well. See ya there!
  6. I'm in just let me know when and where
  7. OUTSTANDING PICS!! I have found also that with the high waist of a kilt one can carry an auto in a s.o.b. holster. My glock 22 is very comfortable there
  8. So Geeve posted some pics of our band, The Sock Monkeys, at the Tabbouleh Fest in Bristow a few weeks ago. A friend of ours (who wants to be kilted soon coincidentally) took some video of us doing our thing and posted it up on youtube. Here are a few links to the videos if anyone is interested!!!! I hope I did it right!!!!!
  9. GO WINGS!!! Can we say repeat of last year??
  10. Brother your eloquence and wisdom amaze me. I hope someday to sit down over a beer, listen, and learn.
  11. Hope you are able to make it! Look forward to meeting you! That would be a cool drinking vessel indeed!!! P.M. me if you get a chance to talk with someone and they are willing to let a couple go!
  12. Please excuse my ignorance, but what does IMHO mean? And I agree, people for the most part suck!
  13. OK, This has been stewing on my mind for some time now and I'm just about fed up with it. The world that we currently live in today is so whipped into submission by this political correctness. We as Americans have to be tolerant of all races and religions and creeds, and I'm fine with that. After all we do live in a melting pot so to speak. BUT..... Why is it that we have several different ethnic groups that can cram their heritage right down our throats every day, but if I make any attempt to be proud about my race, I'm automatically labeled a racist klan skinhead hate monger??? (I MOST CERTAINLY AM NOT ADVOCATING THE SMALL MINDED IDIOCY OF THE WHITE SUPREMEST GROUPS AND PERSONALLY THINK THEY ARE DUMB ###### THAT NEED TO SHUT UP AND EDUCATE THEMSELVES) I am proud of my heritage. My ancestors hail from Scotland and Ireland. I shave my head because my chosen profession dictates that I keep a clean and neat appearance, and it's really easy to take care of. Generations of my family long before me had slaves, I had nothing to do with it and have never owned a slave in my life, nor do I think that people should. It is a part of history and we should learn from that and move on... and Honestly lets face it, What the English did to the Africans, Mexicans, and Native Americans was from years of practice screwing over the Scots!!! So, in closing this rant, I hope that I have made it perfectly clear that this is NOT a racist thing it's an equal opportunity thing if you will. If this has offended anyone reading it I do not apologize as this is how I feel on the subject and the last time I checked I still have the right of free speech. I actually feel somewhat better now. any opinions?