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  1. This is the month we support one of our favorite charities - Kilted to Kick Cancer ( - which brings awareness to Prostate Cancer. We are going to be offering few specific deals all month long to help support them. First is 20% off of EVERY KILT in the shop - use the code "KTKC" to save. Also, check out our custom KTKC items with proceeds donated directly to the charity. Thank you! Jeanie
  2. Hi all! We have been doing a regular monthly slash sale on one style of kilt. For June, we are taking $70 off of our Military Kilt - reducing the price to $235. The batch kilt sales do take a slightly longer turn around time 8-10 weeks since each one is still custom built for you but batched together to make it more efficient. The sale will be limited to 15 kilts and I expect them to go fast. The sale will run from 6/13 - 6/19. -Jeanie
  3. Feature sale! For one week each month, we are going to slash the price of one kilt style a full 50%. Let's start with our very popular Anima Kilt - From 1/10 through 1/17, this kilt is only $122.50. "Made from olive green 100% heavy cotton, this kilt with withstand the outdoors! It features a fully removable swag side pocket with antique brass box latch and three utility loops. The right hand side has a permanent cargo pocket and an antique brass key hook. Each belt loop terminates in a d-ring and the buttons are antique brass stars. Because this is a handmade product, there is always some slight variations in each kilt produced and design elements do shift positions as the size of the kilt increases." Best! Jeanie
  4. Small Business Saturday Promotion Preview! Take 20% off of EVERYTHING at (code SBSAK20) - *PLUS* get a $10 gift card, for a future purchase, with every $50 spent (mailed with your built kilt). These orders will all ship out after the New Year. Please share this around - Valid only from 9am-9pm on November 30th 2013. Thank you so much for a great year! -Jeanie
  5. Custom Alt.Kilt purchase must be $200 or over to redeem the free kids kilt. Please add both items to your cart and use the code "AKFREE2013" to discount out the kids kilt. Both items will ship out by December 19th (please email us if you need it sooner than that). Offer expires 11/16/2013.
  6. As a small business of 1.5 employees, major changes take time to get right. We have been working really hard to close up our turn-around time (currently at 4-6 weeks) and we have finally achieved our most important goal. All of our handmade Alt.Kilts have dropped significantly in price! Our Classic model is now only $150 and our Custom build starts at $175. I am thrilled to offer these prices. Check out all the changes at Thank you!
  7. I have finally had some great changes in the shop after securing a business loan and hiring two employees. We are working hard to shorten turn around times and really expand our business. One of our most popular designs is now on sale- The Anima kilt is discounted to $265 until 10/1! It can be made in different color combinations. Find it here:
  8. We are happy to announce two new kilt styles at Alt.Kilt. Finally we have a preset kilt with snap closures and a ton of pockets, d-rings and rivet details. We have also added the option of embroidery to our standard Alt.Kilt Classic. Both of these kilts are now available and are on discounted sale from now till 12/02/12 in order to celebrate their arrival. Please take a moment to check them out at Thanks! -Jeanie
  9. For the entire month of November, our gift certificates will give you more value for your money. For each $20 you spend, we will add an additional $5. As an added bonus, each certificate will be packaged up in one of our embroidered single pockets (choose a style and color) and mailed out by mid-December. This will make a great gift for someone on your list - or keep the pocket for yourself and make your own holidays happy. Values: Spend $20 - Get $25 Spend $60 - Get $75 Spend $100 - Get $125 Spend $160 - Get $200 (That will cover an Alt.Kilt Classic!) Spend $200 - Get $250 Spend $240 - Get $300 .... and on and on. Any value you choose! Check it out here: Thanks! -Jeanie
  10. Alt.Kilt is working on a photo book to showcase the process of our kilt building and some of the details and designs we have made. As we enter our busy season - there is a plethora of custom unique kilts going out the door and we are going to be documenting them. Please take a moment to check out our Kickstarter project - this is a great way for us to fund the work for the book and reward our backers with awesome gifts. Thank you!
  11. In July, we are switching to a three tiered price structure - including basic kilts (limited colors and with standardized options such as cargo pockets), custom work (all the options and unlimited colors), and specialty kilts. Our basic kilts will still be made to order - we would never switch to mass-market factory made kilts - but the options will be limited but the turn around time will be faster. The cost of custom and speciality kilts will be going up to reflect the added time and attention these kilts take to make. We want to make sure our loyal customer have a window of time to get custom orders in before the pricing shift (July 1st) and remember, if you are willing to wait a bit longer for your kilt, you can get a 20% discount until 5/15 using the code KTKCearly! These order will ship on 8/15. Thank you for understanding! Jeanie
  12. I wasn't sure if this was the best place to put this but I wanted to get the word out. I had this flier delivered to my email this morning and it has at least one stolen image (the picture of my son wear an Alt.Kilt kids' kilt). I have not given my permission to use the image nor does this company sell my kilts. (I put this here instead of just the Alt.Kilt forum because I don't want anyone to get scammed by these people. There are other stolen images and I have no idea what you would get if you ordered from them).
  13. As a very odd circumstance - we have a few stock kilts in the shop. One - the dark olive - can have pockets added to it if needed and will take an extra 2-3 days to ship but the rest are ready to go.
  14. We're really excited to start off the spring with a new coupon for you folks! If you have been considering a leather kilt, now is the time. From now until March 15th use the code "AKleather100" to get $100 off your own custom leather kilt! Like all of our kilts it will be custom made to your specifications, including a variety of options for pockets and hardware, and a huge variety of colors! The traditional blacks and browns are of course available, but how about also considering blue, red, or purple? The order page for these leather kilts is at - take a look and see if you get inspired! If you have any questions don't hesitate to as on our contact form at or email There are only 10 of these coupons available, so the first 10 people to use it will get the deal. We are really looking forward to working on these!
  15. Thank you all so very much for the wonderful variety of applications. We received over a hundred emails and it was a real chore picking out people to model our new kilts - I had help from some of my best fans and I think we picked a great selection of models. I stated on Twitter last night, as I was trying to finalize things down to five (and can you believe I originally thought I would be able to pick only three), I have decided to use more people. It was too hard to categorize the range of our fans and our products down to just five people. I am even saving three applications for use later in the year since I have some specific projects in mind for them and they will be formally announced later. Our Spring Model Contest winners! - Vivien Welsh (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) - Jennifer Hayden (Hebron, IL) - Dean MacPherson (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - Rob Frye (Boston, MA) - Kevin Kane (Hillsboro, OR) - Jesse Knudson (Plymouth, MN) - Ron King (Stillwater, OK) - John and Cameron Hansen (Riverside, CA) Top 12 runners-up (in no particular order) who also received discount codes from us as a thank you! - Shawn Janzen (Leuven, Belgium) - Elliot Love (St. Paul, MN) - Desiree Resetar (New Kensington, PA) - Chantal (Northern Idaho) - Donald Anderson (Lodi, WI) - Kevin Cernoch (Nokesville, VA) - Mark Peterson (Detroit, MI) - Alex (Unkilted) - Michael McPhee (Grand Rapids, MI) - Travis Butterworth (Denver, CO) - Shawn White (Dover, NH) - Hugh Ross (Williamsport, PA) Thanks again to everyone who participated or just spread the word to their friends. I can't thank you all enough for the support you show Alt.Kilt.