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  1. I wish to clear some misinformation that has spread on this board. Clan Muir is not an official sept of the House of Gordon. Please read the Gordon sept list: Clan Muir is an official sept of two clans: Boyd and Campbell Plus there is a Clan Muir society Here is the wikipeida article about Clan Muir. The chief of the House of Gordon removed the Muir septs except for the Moir spelling variation. Once a chief removes your surname, you are not supposed to wear his tartan. I have stopped wearing the Gordon tartan. I have one kilt in the Pride of Scotland (purple) tartan. This is explained in the following article: The tartan dealers or kiltmakers will not tell you when names are removed because they want to make money. Personally, I do not wear a tartan, unless my name is an official sept, that is approved by the chief.
  2. The chief of the House of Gordon removed the Muir name from the list of recognized septs. This is discussed on wikipedia: Here is the official sept list for the House of Gordon A chief can remove surnames from their clan at any time. Once this is done you are no longer a member of their clan. Raptor please read this: Only the Moir surname variation wears Gordon tartan.