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  1. This is a matter of preference, of course, but I'm curious: Which IWB holster have you used? I've got a CrossBreed Supertuck, and like most people I know who have them, after you wear it enough to conform to your body, it might as well not be there anymore. It is rather like a good belt in that regard. Mine is leather, and I've had no problems wearing it against uncovered skin. -kiltncarry
  2. "As he was about to find out, Lachlan's chosen hiding spot from the overly enthusiastic roaming weyr of local women was quite inadequate. The only problem that remained was how to explain it all to his wife." -kiltncarry
  3. Usually my answer is: "Only what's appropriate." -kiltncarry
  4. ... And I checked in too late again. Ah well. Next time, I can make sure you Eat, Drink, and are Merry in Philly. -kiltncarry
  5. Don't worry, Furry. I won't take too much offense at the dupe. The fellow seems like a character, that's for sure. I just wish there was something we could do to make the TSA go away and be replaced by something less invasive, cheaper, and more effective. (And I don't think that's impossible magical thinking) -kiltncarry
  6. Glad to see the discussion that this generated. This one is making the rounds. A guy flew, kilted, and got fondled... Then documented it in detail: It does make you wonder how we can reverse Schneier's 'security ratchet'. -kiltncarry
  7. Those of you who have been following the unwelcome reception to TSA procedures (background here) have probably been perhaps a bit frustrated. But: What does this have to do with kilties? Though I'm not sure the likely 'twist' would be all that pleasant when administered by a TSA stooge. -kiltncarry
  8. If I'm somewhere it's legal, I'm generally carrying concealed. Not so much to defend myself should something go wrong, but I just hate to think that a situation could arise in which I'd be helpless to aid someone in mortal distress. Of course, I'm generally carrying a flash light, light med kit, and a few other supplies as well, just in case. I just like to be prepared to be helpful. So far, the med kit, stain stick, and pen have generally (and thankfully) been much more helpful than the gun. -kiltncarry
  9. That does look great! I like the simplicity of the lines, works very well with the color. How does the under-apron pocket work? And is it a hand- sized- pocket, keys- sized pocket, or something in between? We loves some pocketses. -kiltncarry
  10. I love ScotteVest stuff. Good quality, and well designed for those who tend to carry a lot of stuff and don't like to feel like they're lugging it all. Especially nice when you get a 'system' for what goes where. The ThinkGeek price is a better price than the ScotteVest site. Their full site is here: -kiltncarry
  11. Seconded! I have a Crossbreed Supertuck and I can't imagine a better holster. (This may be why I'm not in the holster business?) After having it and wearing it regularly for a month or two, it conforms to your shape and I usually can't even feel it at all anymore. Also, their customer support is truly impressive. Whups, James. We might have turned this into a threadjack. -kiltncarry
  12. That could be risky.. Could result in an arrest and internet fame/infamy: -kiltncarry
  13. ... aaand I've got a work issue that's recently come up. Doesn't look like I'll be able to do it either. Sorry, Kap'n! -kiltncarry
  14. Well, if you want to meet in Philly and like beer, there's: Belgian [*] Eulogy: Biggest beer selection in the city. Located in Old City. Great mussels. [*] Monk's: Smaller beer selection, harder to get into. Located in Center City. Good burgers, great frites. [*] Belgian Cafe: Little brother to Monk's with an even narrower beer selection (A 'really excellent' selection as opposed to 'breathtaking' [Monk's] or 'so expansive as to perhaps be onerous' [Eulogy]). Located in Fairmont. Gastropub (all of the above would also apply) Grace Tavern: Rather good burgers, good beer selection, not terribly difficult to get into. Located in Graduate Hospital. Resurrection Ale House: More 'experimental' gastro pub-y food, their fry-sauce involves curry seasoning. Also located in Graduate Hospital, further South. This will probably be a personal favorite before too long. Royal Tavern: Good beer selection, unique burgers with habanero peppers. Likely easy to get into. Located in the Italian Market area. May contain lethal levels of hipsters on certain nights. ...and a couple more. I could go on to brew pubs, cocktail bars, and wine bars (nearest and dearest to my heart), but I'm wary of offering too many options for fear of initiating 'option overload' mode. If you have a specific hankerin', I'm pretty sure I can find where you can scratch that itch. I'm not so familiar with the West Chester/Exton areas, else I'd be glad to offer suggestions for those areas as well. -kiltncarry
  15. Tuesday night definitely works for me. Looks like we'll be getting a load of snow between now and then! -Kiltncarry