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    Family, Fishing, Scuba, Horses, Mountain Biking, Medieval History, The Holy Crusades and the military orders that evolved from them. Wild West Festivals along with Medieval & Renaissance Faires. Did I mention fishing?
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  1. Right on! "Off-Kilter" that's it! Thanks guys!
  2. Caught these guys last week at Epcot. They were good. I know they are based out of Canada but failed to get their name. Anyone?
  3. Happy Birthday to you my brother! Hope yours is grand too!
  4. Thanks all! The festivities are this weekend, sorry Jim they won't be held at the club . My Blackhawks won last night and today was a nice relaxing day with my daughter, tomorrow I'm is good!
  5. Goooood stuff and already saddened over the fact that I already know its not available here in Hoosierland...dag nabbit! Now I really want one or two perhaps three..