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  1. Yeah...this government computer network does the same thing...aggravates me!!!
  2. Spartan....I have to say that I'm dubious about your claim that it was your 50th reunion...if your claim is true you're looking damned good brother!! Way to stay young! Oh...and thanks for the kind welcome to the members of TF Spartan/Tartan.
  3. 1/509th, huh? From Fort Polk or the old days? I spent a few years down at Polk, not in 1/509th, but they were right next door and one of my neighbors commanded two of their three companies in the time that we were there. I recently ran into him at the gym in Fort Bragg while I was home on mid-tour leave...it's a small world. To everybody else that's extended their welcomes and kind wishes...thank you very much. As Soldiers, we do our duty the best that we can, but it means alot to know that there are people at home who haven't forgotten us and care about us. Please keep not only our Soldiers in your prayers, but also their families. Ask for strength and comfort and a swift reunion as spouses and children wait for mom or dad to come back home.
  4. Thanks Beck...I think the Kilts for Troops program is awesome! I put in my bid for one tonight!!!
  5. I've always wanted a kilt...well...at least for a few years. A bunch of my work associates and I were discussing kilts the other day and I came up with this great original idea that I should make a kilt out of our Army ACU fabric to match our uniforms...after all, after you've been deployed for a few months, weirdness becomes commonplace and you need to have some form of amusement. Lo and behold, I did a Google search and found out my idea wasn't original...the good folks at Sportkilt had already beat me to it. Long story short, I ordered an ACU kilt and have convinced 4 other co-workers to get one too...and I would add that the number continues to grow. "Task Force Tartan" (as we decided to call ourselves...a play on our real name...Task Force Spartan) is really taking on a life of it's own! I can't wait to get my order!! For the record, I do intend to get a more traditional kilt as well...and will probably end up making a greatkilt for use in my reenactment hobby too...but I'm off and running now. I can see my collection growing and me wearing p@nt$ less and less!!!