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  1. Yep... Now I remember why I quit posting here. They are no longer for sale to kiltsrock. A message askign a question would be much nicer... But I guess a smart ass post is much better.
  2. I live in a OC state. I don't have to conceal. I do have to have a CCW permit. But I split my time between CCW and OC.
  3. [IMG][/IMG] Utilikilt as worn tonight. My favorite kilt accessory a Glock 36 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster. Doing my best KiltedCarver pose...
  4. Howdy from Madison, GA.... Also a native Atlantan born in Dekalb General and grew up riding the pink pig and learning to eat solid food by chowing at the V.
  5. Cool looking hats. I like the grey one a lot.
  6. I like both the seahorse and the cross. Wonderfully done. Shoot I'd like to have one of those just to hang in my office. I don't know if I could bring myself to use it.
  7. I got the County Tipperary tweed. They have great hats for a lot cheaper than most of those places run. And the service is out of sight. I'll probably have that hat Wed and that's with Monday being a holiday.
  8. Oh man they look awesome in my opinion.
  9. I love hanging out at The Pub restaurants. Wish we had one closer to me. Sucks... So I go several times when I visit my sister in KY.
  10. Got another one on it's way... They are addictive and very comfortable to wear. Especially with the weather we have been having lately...
  11. Classic... I've got to post this somewhere!!! ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!!