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    Writing. This is probably what I should do with my life. Reading. I truly have yet to enjoy running again, yet it is a must. It helps with stress. Work out balls. My physical therapist, Ed, has taught me a LOT of awesome abdominal exercises for it. So much fun. Psychology.
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  1. I'm a woman. Should I answer this?
  2. Yay, I got a promotion. Hence why I have been MIA. Hugs ya'alll!

  3. Many more should LEARN from history. Very nice!
  4. I can offer no suggestions. But am so jealous you get to hear that AWESOME (OOO_SUM) accent. Miss my Bostonian friends and their accents. "Park your car in Harvard Yard and Beat up Some Smart Kids...." gets me every time. HAVE FUN!!~!
  5. you have a friend who wants to be my friend. hmm? cool?

  6. Seriously, WHY did I think my works pop up blocker would NOT pop up? Dang it! Will check when home...
  7. I suggest Corcorans. And my body has ran in those more than once. VIBRAM boots are AWESOME and comfortable. However, the only running I have done in them is running into my office from the blizzards here
  8. Going to New Orleans next week for a work conference. Anyone have any choice spots or advice of where to go. Work during the day and party at night...
  9. Thanks so much everyone. I will be leaving for New Orleans on Sunday for a work conference next week. First time being there. And what a way to celebrate... Kinda worried about Super Bowl being a Colts fan. Hey, I'm from Indiana! HA. Either way, it will be work in the days and Bourbon Street at night. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know...
  10. Happy Birthday My Birthday Brother. Hope it's great for you!
  11. AWESOME to know about how to say Ky-Lah! What's your nickname?
  12. My BOSS loved that. Thanks for the brownie points. I liked "The Quick and the Dead" for a more recent one...
  13. FINALLY someone is doing it. I have begged another kilt maker to make these in the past...long ago. AWESOME!!! This site may help others in choosing the medal.