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  1. 9 I think. I'll have to go home and count them, maybe they've spawned some more.
  2. We've had several student interns do presentations at our last several services. I've been uniformly impressed. I generally attend the Sunday evening service (8 PM eastern). I don't chat very much but if you log on and see DCMoss, that's me.
  3. A blonde was driving her friend to the airport. She saw a sign that said "AIRPORT LEFT" so she turned around and went home.
  4. Canʻt believe that I never noticed this thread when it first came out. Iʻm a UU, CLF member because I canʻt deal with real people in person. Maybe one day Iʻll go to a "live" UU service, there are two within striking distance of me, but CLF suits me very well.
  5. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead go to Gotchastan for a vacation. Whilst touring around they see some goats in a field and stop to feed them. These turn out to be the Premier's goats and they are immediately arrested and sentenced to death by guillotine. The next morning the guillotine is erected in the town square and the brunette is led up to the executioner. He asks her, "Face down or face up?" The brunette replies, "Face down. I'm too scared to watch that blade." So she is put on the table face down and the executioner pulls the handle. The blade screeches to a stop an inch above her neck. She is then set free, equipment failure. The redhead is next and the executioner asks the same question, "Face down or face up?" The redhead replies, "Face down. I'm too scared to watch that blade." So she is put on the table face down, the executioner pulls the handle, and the same thing happens. She is also set free, equipment failure. Finally the blonde is brought up. The executioner asks the same question, "Face down or face up?" The blond replies, "Face up. I'm not scared." So she is put on the table face up. Just before the executioner can pull the handle the blonde yells out, "WAIT, WAIT, I SEE THE PROBLEM!"
  6. Cancel that, found another the wife let me buy.
  7. I really like Federal ammo. Wish I could find some.
  8. Not quite. Retirees that have Tricare Prime and live more than 50 (I think, don't quote me) miles from an MTF are being kicked off Tricare Prime. That would be me. Tricare Standard and Extra are what I get to use now. Sucks, but what can you do?
  9. Anything you want to know, just ask. There is really not much that Masons hold confidential.
  10. It's OK, my wife said I could. I must say that the skunk sporran I received is absolutely excellent. I'm wearing it at work even as I type. I have three, now, fur sporrans. One formal rabbit about the same price as the UTKilts skunk (but not from UTKilts), one semi-formal badger about three times the price of the skunk, and of course the skunk. The rabbitt smells odd and I had to take it apart and rebuild it to make it right, which given the price point I wasn't too bothered about. The UTKilts skunk OTH, is pretty much the equal of my badger. No odd smells, just good leather, and very well made. And it got to me really fast. Both sporran and company highly recommended.
  11. First day at work on Tuesday for KTKC. I love September. Kilted all month.
  12. I do the occasional steampunk and I'm 61. I don't care how I fit in, I do it anyway. For the record, the times I've done it I seemed to fit in quite well.
  13. I had also heard that account, that the Scottish Rite was named such because it originated with Scottish ex-pats in France.