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  1. Not interested in this forum its rubbish. Do not bother me any more.

  2. I make them just like my venison pies but they are smaller and handier to eat on the move lol. I used to always make a few & pack them in my tweed jacket pockets for later. Now I tend to get pestered by relatives when I make them and end up doing about 25 at a time. Almost becoming a bit to much effort IMO.
  3. Venison Pasties (home made) at the beach with the wife. Slightly ruined by 2 whining labradors begging for leftover (despite having their own lunch before we walked out the house 10 minutes earlier.
  4. As long as some do not get carried away posting crap to boost numbers or multi posts etc. That would drive me nuts. Some of us may view a lot but post rarely. I like quality over quantity and will remain dedicated to this.
  5. Bruno

    Losing My Hair

    Men DO NOT lose hair when they get older they simply can no longer resist gravity. That is why the hair is pushed down from their heads and pops out their nose and ears so much. It is simply relocated. For some reason my body feels I need a thick pelt on my chest back and ears. Is this a sign of a coming ice age? maybe.
  6. Great I have a pal who had his look like a mess on pics but ok in real life.
  7. You never mentioned Sturgeon she looks like a bloke in bad drag lol. I have it in for him since his desire to have his name in the history books may well destroy my country...that seems a good reason IMO. I am sure you would feel the same given the fact he is useless and a liar if it was your country at risk due to a stupid fat gits ambitions.
  8. Trouble with Alex Salmond is he is so fat you can not see his lips move. It might just be the blubber quivering after all.
  9. I was in a traditional Irish National 16 oz kilt with a green and brown Harris tweed jacket with a pecan brown waistcoat. The hat was a pecan brown Fedora with black hat band with blue and green parrot feathers (my bird jack sheds them a lot so I wear them lol) Sadly I need a big hat as even with factor 50 screen and in Scotland, I burn in minutes. To many Scandinavians in the line lol. I even burn through light jackets and in light hats (how sad am I )
  10. You made me laugh. ER I do live in Scotland Thanks
  11. Not a win in my book its a loss of dignity as a company makes fools of its customers from where I am sitting. I have a sense of humour but do not like companies who take the pizzle out of their customers. There is a vast difference. One is not approving of a lack of respect the other is having a laugh.
  12. Great job compared to old one. The skull appears to show through a lot on the picture is it better in real life sometimes pictures do not show a 'true' picture so to speak.
  13. I was never impressed with companies trying to make fools of their customers on 1st of April. Making someone look stupid, is childish be it on the play ground or online. I missed your ads but thankfully you alerted me to your companies treatment of its customers, so I am warned. Again thanks for the heads up.
  14. I hope you tell them to get lost and smoke a bigger cigar to wind them up We pipe and cigar fans need to set a example lol
  15. Actually I am a fine cook and would not consider anything from a Can as being edible. That stuff can sit in a can for years. Often a microscopic leak will lead to food poisoning and you would not even know the food was spoiled. I honestly don't know how you can take your life in your hands eating stuff like that. As for 3rd place in a competition well anything less than 1st place is still a loser IMO.