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  1. welcome home, brother!

  2. Favorite foods....hmm. I'd have to say chips/salsa and beer lol. Kinda simple I guess but I love it.
  3. Hey all, just wanted to wish you and yours a happy thanksgiving. Not sure how much I will be able to get on here between now and then so didn't want to forget. So, pig out, drink beer, watch football, thankful you can Dave
  4. That rocks! I may have to borrow some of that design for my next one
  5. Happy Veterans Day to all the Vets on here, both currently serving and prior service.
  6. Huh, never heard of it. Will have to look for it. Is it a regional brew?
  7. Have any of you tried the Chocolate Bock that Sam Adams puts out? Am trying to get it this year and have heard great things.
  8. I've not had the Full Moon one, will have to try that. Had Harvest Moon which is their 'autumn brew' and it was pretty good. Had those two by Sam Adams already KT and love both. Typically I like anything by SA. Plus they're the official beer of the Red Sox so you gotta love em, if even just for that. Meanwhile the official beer of the new Yankee Stadium is PBR (at $10. a cup). If that doesn't make a guy love the Sox I don't know what will Was just in Germany for training and went to Oktoberfest and had a great deal of Paulaner and loved it.....thanks for the reminder on that will have to find it here in the states. The beer over there is amazing. Like being able to order it in Liters as well.... Your knowledge of beer is amazing Megs......I salute you!!!
  9. I understand people's personal objections to it but at the end of the day I'm not for censorship in place of parenting. Not that anyone here is suggesting that, just always seems to go down that road at some point. My 8 yr-old won't be buying it, playing it, or watching me play it. So I am not worried about it. And come next week I am going to be mowing down some zombies in Left for Dead 2...woot. Like anything it's a personal decision. Not sure how I feel about it really without having played it and won't formulate an opinion withough playing it. Maybe I won't care for it, who knows. Thanks for the heads up on that Megs, I honestly hadn't heard about it. Honestly I am more concerned about stuff like Hannah Montana and High School Musical eroding my kid's mind
  10. Anyone else crazy excited about this coming out today? Hooah!!!
  11. I am looking for some good seasonal beers and was hoping you all can throw down some wisdom for me My brother will be out to visit for the holidays this year seeing I will be gone for next season. Anyway, we are both big beer fans and especially like to explore new beers. I'd like to "surprise" him (if thats the right word) with some new stuff he may not have ever tried. I already put in an order for Sam Adams Chocolate Bock and Sam Adams Eutopia (both of which are out for this xmas season) but would like to get a few others. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I appreciate any and all suggestions (that don't involve words like Bud/Coors/Miller lol)
  12. Wicked use of the word wicked bro