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  1. I own three Wyvern and definitely recommend. Donnie is a real craftsman and a real gentleman as well. I have an Irish Harp sporran and Father's knot in my collection and one thing I really like is no 2 look exactly alike because they are hand made. OK, I am not talking major variances, but subtle changes in color etc. Good investment.
  2. Jackson, What is your plan for the types of kilts you will be selling? At FK you have both modern and traditional kilts are you going to be doing the same in your new adventure? Is your plan to compete against Steve or are you going to differentiate yourself from him? Are you going to sew these kilts yourself?
  3. I am with Tony on this. For casual wear the cotton slouch work well, and the Diamond rib knee highs I have even worn for dressier (not formal) occassions. Service is good and the price is very reasonable.
  4. Kevin Here is some advice if you like is worth waiting and saving than going the cheap route. I was very fortunate a few years ago, that Jeanie at AltKilt made me a brown leather kilt, box pleated in which I was able to apply a very generous prize she offered for a photo contest I had won. Unfortunately that kilt pretty well reeked havoc on her machines and she stopped making them, although now she had a successful KickStarter project to invest in new equipment to produce Leather kilts. My second leather took a few years of saving for, I literally earmarked OT from work and other bits of savings for about 3 years to get. It is an RKilt from Robert Pel. It is a fantastic kilt. I am a big fan of Robert's and yes they are an investment but the product is top notch. Robert uses more leather yardage than the EBay specials, really good hardware and rivets and the craftsmanship and quality is top shelf. And that fact that he is one helluva nice guy does not hurt.
  5. What type of position/role are you looking for KT? That would be helpful, Any contacts I have are mainly in Boston.
  6. Jeannie is a real great lady and makes wonderful kilts. I have always been impressed from her emails the effort she puts into making sure she provides you with a great kilt.
  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. I am pretty good with a computer but pretty useless when it comes to the talent for work like this. I like seeing the attention to detail and pride you put into this Jim. Donnie and Scott with their sporrans, Paul Henry with kilts, Eric aka Kilted Carver (who I miss around here) and others have provided wonderful pictorials of their craftsmanship. Great job Jim (especially for a Navy guy )
  8. No I am not a bleeding heart far from it....I agree that not giving proper attribution to someone and directly using their words is wrong. But out of curiosity...have you tried sending the brother a PM. Maybe he made a mistake, and a bad one at that, and will come clean and learn from it. On the other hand if he did not reply in an appropriate way or was nasty I would have a real negative perspective. Might be worth a conversation with KT, particularly if it originated here, if you were not well received in what is oft refered to as "fraternal correction."
  9. Another vendor I highly recommend is Robert Pel of RKilts. He now has off the rack kilts that fall within the budget range. Robert's products are extremely well made and the difference in price for the off the rack kilts and these will be well worth it. Robert personally makes the product and the combination of quality, craftsmanship and service are great. I know, because I have a kilt on order, that he is taking some vacation time in a day or so but RKilts is a good bet/.
  10. No disrespect to Ron whatsoever but be careful with these, kilt kilts. Ron has had good luck I did not. Mine was pure junk. My wife provided me it as a gift just before we left for a trip to China.The hangers were really not all all well made and did not make it through the first leg of the trip without coming apart, and no they were not checked they were in the overheard. The way the bag folds also makes it very awkward to carry as it does not fold evenly. My wife was so upset about this, it still makes her emotional speaking about it. I also know she had issues with the order, and as I do not have the facts at hand, I will not comment further on that.
  11. Scott: Some very good points you made, and you are a perfect person to respond. I have admired the work you do and really enjoyed seeing customers post pics. I agree with you that there is a middle grounds, I know I would never purchase from a vendor who blatantly copied another person's work. Clearly from comments made on your products they are of a high quality and for someone who would use your photos to sell a cheap product is not worthy of anyone's custom. Sigh...Gold Brothers are an issue for me as their exploits are fairly well documented from media reports (just Google), but I don't want to take the things off track.
  12. I have to say folks who do not live on the Left coast fare better with getting to see a lot of good musical acts. Gaelic Storm comes no further west than Colorado and so it seems with other bands I would like to see. I am not sure whether it is they can not turn a profit to come west or just the time schedule.
  13. Are you a MacLeod or just like the Loud MacLeod tartan? I like that tartan more everytime I see it. Great pics by the way.
  14. One can not paint all companies with a single brush stroke, but at the same time I have to look at the this notion somewhat skeptically. If you scout around you will see there are huge issues with firms in this geography that replicate copyrighted tartans without requisite licenses, take photos from other websites of product and post them on their own sites, and copy product and then build to an inferior quality. This does not even touch the subject of the conditions these kilts are made under. Here is an interesting article from a couple of years ago that one reputable vendor posted:
  15. I will be the first to admit, particularly in my early kilted days, of focus on bottom line cost and so frequently looked at kilts and other gear strictly from a cost perspective. Over time as I got to know merchants on a more personal level, understood the differences in quality and build of products and how many of the merchants we purchase from are real artisans, I elected in any possible instance to support them (particularly if they were a BOTK mechant). In more than a few instances that has meant saving and holding off on purchases. I purchased a kilt this past spring that I had been saving for about 3 years for. Well, one merchant I have purchased wool kilts from expressed (several months back) to me the frustration of the kilt community that frequently takes to the forum talks a good game and then if the can save $10 purchases from an offshore company that mass produces. This is not just a lost sale, but an impact on a good man's livelihood and that really hit home with me. I know he has a family and his hand sewn kilts are his daily bread. This afternoon I talked with another kilt maker, with whom I placed an order, who is an extremely decent person, makes a superb product and provides top drawer customer service. One of the first things out of his mouth was that things are slow and while he makes a superior product how hard it is to compete against cheap, mass produced Asian products even though the quality can not compare. (I said superior not him) So I am not proselytizing, I have admitted my own past habits but just throwing out there that this a topic taking a few minutes to reflect on. I just think it would be a real shame to lose many of these merchants because the kilt community does not support them. So with any merchant now I reflect on these issues any time I make a purchase. I am trying to the best of my ability to walk the talk. Trust me, I am not wealthy I have all the bills everyone else does and I work for an hourly wage so it just goes to what I believe is important. As a post script so no one gets upset I am judging no one, nor condemning anyone just throwing out something to think about.