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  1. I will be there from open to close withAmerikilt on Saturday, swing by and say hello.- George
  2. You love me, you really, really love me. Just launched a new gear forum today. I promise to be around more.- George
  3. I spent the last week at Scout Day Camp teaching Scout how to fish. I wore my desert camo X-kilt all week. We were fishing in creek off a bridge and several times I had to go into the water to get stuff the boys "dropped". It was hot out and my kilt dried fast, my question there a good lightweight, fast drying material, that will still hold pleats?- George
  4. If you are legally allowed to carry please do so. Rights are like muscles, they need to be used or they will wither. As someone who earns their living teaching this stuff, please carry a round in the chamber unless the specific firearms prevents it.- George
  5. I am not the most attractive man in the the world, makes me laugh when a lady stops me so she can get her picture taken with me, with her hubby or boyfriend taking the pic. Has happened a lot. They must hold their manhood's cheap.- George
  6. Sorry to now have been around much. Busy from teaching Vehicle Tactics for Paramedics, to High Threat Driving for the Air Force, to Scouting lately. Two whole weeks of Scouting. One week of resident camp and one day camp. Best thing was I got to actually "live" in my three desert camo X-kilt I got in a trade last DEC from Kilted Carver. My favorite kilt for outdoor activities. Over the two weeks with around 400 boys plus leaders I got to answer lots of the usual questions. Lots of people we very into it and said they wanted to try it. The Mom's seem to like it the most, don't tell my wife.- George
  7. mercop


    I am sad to report that my buddy that was working on this was killed in Afghanistan on 26JUN10 by an IED along with the female medic he was riding with. Andy was 22 yrs old. His father is a reservist and a police officer as well. I talked to Andy on Facebook the day before he was killed. RIP PVT Andrew Miller Canadian Army Medic, KIA 26JUN10 Afghanistan. Miss you brother.- George
  8. Puffer, I do everything half assed until someone polices me:) And I am a big sissy.
  9. mercop

    Desert Dpm

    Maybe a Toga for Kilted Carver
  10. My buddy Jim and Andy. Andy's girlfriend made both kilts.
  11. mercop

    Desert Dpm

    d@mn bro, my mate got that from supply. Sorry, let me see what I can do. Sorry to waste your time.- George