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  1. The holes in my last pair of jeans make them a problem to wear... I might switch to shorts before I really should because of that.
  2. How old are they? On a related note, I once had a waitress flirting with me, in front of my wife. When she put my wife's food down, her breast was within milimeters of my face. (And this was a TGI Fridays, not Hooters) The woman was definitly too old for me, and I could tell her daughter she mentioned was too young. It was weird being between the two generations like that.
  3. I am unemployed, but I do try to volunteer at the bike co-op in Kettering. Got-Kilt (dirk) does festivals, but has a brick in mortar store right in the heart of Celtic culter, Frankenmuth Michigan. Well, its the heart of something, I guess...
  4. Got-Kilt will be at the festival, and i have a few from him, much cheaper than utilikilts. Now, you say Dayton, but where are you really at? (And has anyone heard from Mike-in-Dayton lately?) Piqua, myself.
  5. My wife's car had the englne blow up (again) so she has my car now. At least at the main gym, we only had/have about 5 months left, and I dropped her from it. I had to switch to the YMCA (a few exercises I can't do now, a few new ones, many just different enough that I had to start over on their machines, but it does have a pool... and a rowing machine) As such, I have driven to the Y once so far in about 2 weeks, and that was when I took my youngest swiming. I have walked there, or rode my bike, every day. I have also learned at least one of my backpacks is not water resistant.
  6. I once met a guy in a wheelchair who didn't usually park in the handicap spots. He figured if he could wheel himself around the mall for an hour, a few extra spots out didn't matter. (If someone was pushing him, no need to make it harder than needed on them)
  7. I fear not a leafblower wielding lass. Then again, I did a 5k on a nudist camp ground, which really changes ones views on many things.
  8. It is a long one so far, hit the gym, but we had some last minute snow and high winds, so stayed in town. Parent teacher conferences tonight still, but I've had worse.
  9. Such a long drive, then again, there is still Dayton Celtic Festival, which I am still not sure if you are actually there or not. The booth is, but I keep suspecting that the bloke that tells me you are still in MI printing shirts that weekend is actually you...
  10. Don't forget Got-Kilt, they have some wool ones as well. Stillwater ships fast, but right now my kilts are from either Stillwater, Got-kilt, or UT. UT and G-K are similar for the modern standards, but GK has a nice hybrid modern that I tend to wear. SWK is more traditional, the more you pay with them, the better the quality.
  11. Oh, that's the south central chapter, we don't travel that far. I was referring the NE chapter. I actually should go to the Midwest, but reall, NE is closer.... I think the Great Lakes chapter folded...
  12. Well you did move them to an undisclosed location after you hurt your foot.
  13. Work? I miss work. Stupid graduate degree and poor job market.
  14. Is there a BOTK running group on Strava? That would be interesting. I know at least one other person here uses the app.