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  1. Let me know what you measured when you measured your length.
  2. Yes, at your height a 22 inch length kilt would be too short. I can see how a 25 inch would work better, especially if you are wearing it up higher on the navel.
  3. Sorry for not responding! Please contact me if you have any questions.
  4. Through this month you can take 10% of ANY of our wool kilts, whether they are in stock or special order. Use coupon code 10percent
  5. I am sorry have not posted for a while. It has been a crazy summer and things seemed to have calmed down at the moment. I just thought I would quickly share some new utility kilts and tartan kilts that are for sale. Deluxe Blackout Utility Kilt Basically took our deluxe design and completely blacked everything out. This includes all the buttons and buckles on the kilt. Blackout Black Isle 100% Wool Tartan Kilt I lightened the kilt on this picture so you could see the design. In average lighting is very black. These are some great looking kilts. I will have many different kilt accessories available for these kilts very soon. This will include black belt buckles, semi formal sporrans, formal sporrans, and kilt pins.
  6. Awesome... After being laid out sick all day, it put a smile on my face.
  7. I received that email as well. Interesting to see what might happen.
  8. Contest is still on! I have had an amazing response, but still looking for more!
  9. You can check out our newest modern utility kilt at UT Kilts here: There is a great description there of all the different features, plus a video that shows each one of them.
  10. This is our newest contest at UT Kilts. We are giving away SEVERAL gift certificates for 50 dollars. This is what we want: Action Pictures and Videos of UT Kilts. We want to see your UT Kilts in ACTION, either in picture or video. We really want more than just the typically posing picture. Check out the following links: Deluxe and Standard Utility / Modern Kilts in action at a mud run/race (they are the 1st and 3 slides) UT Kilts photo gallery (not all are action there) If I use your picture or video to advertise (not just the photo gallery), you get 50 dollars to spend at Remember, I don't have usually get many videos! Please submit ALL pictures and videos to You can post them on here as well.
  11. All day Monday UT Kilts will be having our first Cyber Monday sale. Just to kind of give you a heads up, we will be putting our 13 oz 100% Wool kilts on sale. I will have more details tomorrow, but you can find them here: This will include the Wool Black Watch that we stock plus the special order wool tartans. Be sure to check it out, especially those that are members. You will get 10 percent on top of the sale price. Brice
  12. Please contact me and we can discuss what you have won!
  13. Next time codes will be sent to one of the moderators, as KT can't control himself in the clearance kilts section!!
  14. Never finished adding everything! I just put everything up there. Remember, you still get 10 or 15 percent discounts depending on if you are paid member or not. I have sent BOTH codes to KT, just in case I don't get your message. Remember, please feel free to BUY NOW what you want. I can always, very easily, refund later.
  15. Still not working. PLEASE contact via email until further notice. Or use the contact form on the website.