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  1. Hey, isn't there suppose to be only one ball rolling towards the pins?
  2. Looks like I'm going to have to renew my membership!
  3. They have a walk in store in the Twin cities now too.
  4. Hard to believe I didn't put something in here. Darn facebook and farmville takes up way to much of my internet time. I'm going have to do something about that
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. And may your new year be filled with nothing but the jigs and reels! And maybe a few pints too!
  6. I just finished watching the 1st season. Easily one of the best fantasy shows I've come across in years. It constantly keeps you guessing. I haven't seen the Merida episode yet but the fact that she was in the show was the reason I started watching it. By the way for those who don't know the Bear and the Bow was the original title for Brave.
  7. My first was actually a Grain Belt Dark. Loved it and have been mostly drinking dark beers ever since. Although I have heard that the Guinness American is actually quite good so I may give it a try sometime. Always drink in a kilt. Too hard to fumble with zippers when your drunk and it may result in a rather nasty accident.,
  8. I'm a Yooper myself or otherwise known as a resident of Upper michigan. We had a bit of a skirmish up here at one time too. But it was only because no one wanted the territiry. Not Michigan Wisconsin, or Canada. they were actually fighting over who would get stuck with us and we got attached to Lower Michigan which kind of treats us like England treats Scotland.. Lots of Finnish, Germans, Italians, and Cornish up here but most of the cultural differences have died away so labels never really bothered me all to much. As George Carlin once said (Or maybe it was Lenny Bruce), it's all in the context that its said.
  9. Welcome from Upper Michigan were we say we like the Lions but we really don't. Go Pack!!
  10. i did see a video this weekend on a demo of the Black Watch that looked like it was done in scotland. Once the material was laid down I'm guessing it took the guy less than two minutes to get it pleated and ready to put on.
  11. Cool shirt and I may order one yet but when you titiled the thread German Brothers I thought it was about this.
  12. German on my natural father's side. Traced it back to Weimer,Germany to a Casper Broemer in the 1700's. Broemer is suppose to be a German/celtic surname but my Grandfather and great grandfather both married Cornish women so I just grab my Celtic side from there. Mom's side is Italian. As of now the German,Cornish, and Italian tartans are still on my wish list.
  13. Welcome from Upper Michigan. I see you've been enjoying some of our "normal" winter weather.
  14. Entertainment lineup was announce at the Willis Clan concert at the end of last month and is now up on the website. Link is here Some old and some new. Going to be some hard choices this year. And yes, the wife and I did manage to get into a couple of the audience shots at the Red Hot Chili Pipers concert that was filmed last year. See what you're missing!
  15. #3 is good but a bit limiting. #1 opens up more catagories