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  1. I have not been in here in months. Was sick for two+ months and was working a little each day. After three types of antibiotics and several inhalers... I am at 99% On the Business Side We have three outstanding BoTK kilts I am working on and some material for KT. Sorry for the delay folks.. I never got the BoTK Flashes so am still working on getting those. On the family Side We are expecting a visitor around December 21st - We are hoping for a girl..the 4 boys need a good influence
  2. With Supplier = Order is with weaver and I have paid for it Processing - usually things are in processing until I get a few items to order.. sometimes things will go from WITH SUPPLIER back to processing if a weaver is OUT of a tartan....
  3. I answered every email from you and there were no facebook messages until the nasty ones you left today. I got your kilt in weeks before I promised and I still owe you a belt and a couple accessories.. do you want a refund or what. Also Better business burea... almost 7 years in business and 2 complaints.. I am happy with that... Also note that the BBB requires that you JOIN and pay them money in order to clear up "Matters"... (Those compaints were resolved to the CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION) d@mn dude.. I GAVE YOU a FREE Navy Sgian Dubh when you drove up... and you are giving me crap on here and facebook. You think I am trying to rip you off over a few accessories. there are a few people that are still waiting on BOTK Kilts and they are not complaining. You tell me what you want.. refund, wait for product, take a store credit.. let me know... i will do it for you and then we can finish this transaction Have a good day SIR
  4. Type of Work: Visual Material Registration Number / Date: VA0000964583 / 1998-07-09 Title: [The Texas bluebonnet tartan (plaid) : Texas state tartan] Description: Print on fabric. Notes: Titles from appl. Copyright Claimant: Robert Shelby Foitik Date of Creation: 1984 Date of Publication: 1989-03-19 Authorship on Application: artwork & design on sheetlike material: June Prescott McRoberts, 1922-1999. Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence. Other Title: Texas state tartan Names: Foitik, Robert Shelby McRoberts, June Prescott, 1922-1999 My Agreement was with Robert. HE is the claimant on the US COPYRIGHT,1&Search_Arg=texas%20tartan&Search_Code=FT*&CNT=25&PID=hsRnTW2iXP9n-AHejvTJX_LcHEFz&SEQ=20111231101313&SID=2
  5. So we HAD exclusive permission to do the Texas Blue Bonnet tartan from the designer. We paid an advance for the right to make it. Our plan was to have it ready about march 2012. We just got a legal notice that the designer is ending our contract and terminating our right to produce and sell the tartan. The reason we got involved in this at all was because we were first told that it was non-restricted, then we were told by that they owned the copyright and if we wanted to sell it we needed to buy it from them. We wrote a letter to the designed, who is an older gentleman living in a retirement home and he told us that had been ripping him off for years and had never paid him a dime and he could not afford to take them to court.. We requested permission to do the tartan and got permission along with the right to act as the designers agent. We request to pay a royalty to the copyright holder which they never did and never have. So at the end of the day... we never sold any and paid an advance while has sold it for years and never paid a penny to the elderly gentleman living in a retirement home. i am not sure who is going to be picking up this tartan.. but hope the designer ends up making something for himself... I would like to see my advance returned but not a major issue... That is the tale of the TEXAS BLUEBONNET
  6. The Frugal Corner has three types of kilts (Woven Acrylic - Light weight & Heavy Weight), (Heavy Cotton - Modern & non-traditional), and Wool
  7. Whatever... I HATE THAT PHRASE... It is disrespectful, condescending, obnoxious, rude, belligerent.... I invited my (at the time) 19 year old son outdoors over that comment being used.. we were seconds away from throwing fists when I think he realized that dad was not *&^%ing around - I wish he had not apologized because I think a good old fashioned Marine ass whooping would have taught him a lesson.
  8. She gave it to me for Christmas - or is going to. This year was a interesting year for guns with me. I sold a 38-40 rifle, a 38-40 revolver, a 12 gauge pump, and a 20 gauge single shot. And bought a 12 gauge single shot, a marlin model 336 30-30, a Rugger 10/22 .22, and a Beretta Neos .22 I gave my winchester model 94 to my oldest son and my marlin 336 to the second oldest.. I put red dot scopes on my marlin and ruger.
  9. This week there was a charity dinner to help out a few local families. My wife went down to the fire hall which is just 2 doors down from us in order to donate some money. She came back and told me they were raffling off a rifle.. So I walked down and bought 5 $5 tickets. I won. A model 700 Remington VSL .243 bolt action rifle with beautiful walnut stock. It also came with a redfield (Leupold) scope. The interesting thing is was I told my wife a month ago I wanted to get her a 243 because it would be a good round (long range but not to much kick) for her
  10. I did this for my kids and grand son
  11. 28% off pretty much everything online
  12. And I was getting ready to PM KT about a bridge i had for sale in NY
  13. When I go hunting in the cold weather - I normally put on a pair of regular socks and then a pair of Kilt Hose over them. Since the kilt hose are mostly wool they keep your feet and LEGS warm. I even wear flashes so they do not slide down my leg.
  14. i have had no soda, no cheese, no meat except chicken, and maybe 3 small pieces of chocolate,
  15. I am now down 11 pounds... 1 day a week I have a free day to eat what I want... the other days it is fruit, veggies, rice, oatmeal, chicken once a week