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  1. is pondering a new kilt purchase...

  2. Well, hello everyone. I am honestly touched to see such a welcoming and friendly group of folks. The Varsity is on my list. I have a lovely young lady friend who's a huge fan, just need to find the time to convince her to venture ITP with me.
  3. SO...I take it the Pink Pig is no more? I mean, I haven't seen it in the two years I've been here. Also haven't had the opportunity to hit the Varsity. Yet. Also, does anyone know when/where folk hold Kilt nights here? A contact for Great SEKS, perhaps? Stout
  4. I've heard good things about the 5.11 ATAC boots, they run just under $100. Like Pain said, I hear they are very light, feel like sneakers, and are durable. I just got a pair of Corcorans from on clearance. They are amazingly comfortable and well made, and I absolutely LOVE them. Previously, I had a pair of Belleville 390's. They fit ok at the store, but by the time I got them home, they were too tight, and felt like the laces were cutting into the tops of my feet. I returned them, and got the Corc's for half of what the Belleville's cost me. As a general guide, Corcoran, Matterhorn, Danner are all staples of Combat boot goodness, and have years of reputation. Converse has a line of desert tactical boots out, too. I haven't heard a review on them, or how well received they are, though.
  5. Hrm...about me... My Kilt experience: I'm of Irish heritage. My first Kilt was given to me by a gal in College who's grandfather left it to her (it was her family pattern, MacKenzie, I believe). Her brother didn't want it, and she didn't feel right wearing it. So, I got a sweet traditional Kilt, and I wore it proudly to formal affairs, and with my Boy Scout uniform while I was working at Summer Camp. In 2002, I stumbled onto Utilikilts, and convinced my (then) fiancee to let my groomsmen and me wear black Original Utilikilts at our wedding. A few months later, I wound up with a Workman's model, then another Original Utilikilt in Olive green. From then on, kilts, of some fashion, became part of my regular wardrobe. My next purchase was a Neo-Traditional kilt from USA Kilts. Most recently, a friend in the SCA was clearing out some excess tartan, and I wound up with 9 full yards of a very nice (but as yet, unidentified) pattern, which serves me well as my great kilt. I'm really into supporting small businesses and kilt makers, even if I can't afford a kilt, I am more than willing to do word of mouth and the like (until I can afford another purchase). Outside of kilting... I'm a healthcare worker (Emory University Hospital), a firearms enthusiast, a Sci Fi and Horror geek, history buff, and a volunteer in the Georgia State Defense Force (Georgia's official state regulated Miitia). I'm really excited I found this forum, and I guess I am just looking for another level of brotherhood amongst folks who appreciate the same manner of 'attire freedom' that I do! Did I leave anything out?? Stout
  6. Funny enough, that link brought me to BotK, too.
  7. I agree with Pain. A 10% discount is nice enough, and if/when I join,I'll appreciate it muchly. Knowing most Kiltiers these days are small businesses (particularly the makers of Casual and Utility Kilts), run by regular Joe's, I'd feel it'd be pretty low to expect these guys to cut any more off.
  8. Hello everyone. I stumbled across this forum while searching for ACU and MultiCam Kilts. I am 36 years old, live in Atlanta, GA, and have been a long time Kilt wearer and enthusiast. Glad to see groups like this out on the web!