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  1. Welcome Aboard from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I Luv Alabama, I got a bunch of friends in Mobile and Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide)
  2. Welcome Aboard, from OBX North Carolina,, Mississippi is one of my favorite southern states. I've spent some great nights in Hattiesburg, and Gulfport, for car races while stationed in NOLA(New Orleans LA) for the USCG. Its great to see some more of us Sothern Boys in here. You didn't mention what Tartan Your first Kilt is. My first one(of now 5 kilts) was the Coast Guard Tartan. Fa'ilte
  3. Christine - welcome aboard, Great place to visit, take the Info ya need / leave the Info Ya can
  4. Tony & Mary, like a few of our other Brothers its been a long while since I've been in forums, I hate to read of Your contact with the truck(Biker Wreck), Your injuries and terrible but Your able to live through them, great. After readin this I was just wondering how You two are doin and are getting about, a quick Q - were you both checked for any injuries to your skulls(TBI - because of my Bike wreck, My huge prob for me over the years and still is). I hope You nailed the driver of the 'cage'(truck) that did Ya, Do You plan to get back up on a bike and KSU(kickstands up)? I will send a 'Knee Mail'(pray) for Your both.
  5. I was to set up our SST(Scottish Society of Tidewater) gear at a festival and the wind was strong, I would have too busy all day to keep my personal equipment covered. Before I left for the ceremony I took a large safety pin secured a decent size stainless steel nut to the inside. The safety pin and nut is hidden, keeping my small kilt pin on the outside worked good for me.
  6. welcome aboard from the OBX (Outer Banks) North Carolina
  7. I have the full Sportkilt - argyle jacket and vest, I they are very good for the dinner full dress gear and I like them a lot. When I received them the jacket arms were about 3-4" too long(long past my fingers tips) so I had to have them shortened did it locally, so just a little advice check on all the lengths when Ya buy the set.
  8. I'm with ya on spendin money to buy p@nt$ / thats why I go to the Disabled American Veterans or the Salvation Army thrift shops to get a pair when I wear a pair out, It upsets my Wife when I do it / so She buys gets me a new pair of jeans every other Christmas, so I cut off the last new pair make a pair of shorts for the summer. / I see no sence in painting - doin engine work - or doing yard work in a new pair of jeans,, makes no sence to me, thats all I have to day about that.
  9. Welcome aboard - Outer Banks(OBX) North Carolina
  10. No need for buckles on my kilts, I have remove the couple buckles at the waist belt area on all 5 of my kilts, they make no sence to me and would be uncomfortable under a my large waist belt, You wouldn't be able to see them any how so the 'decoration' Idea is useless and needless,,Thats all I have to say about that.
  11. Welcome Aboard - The Outer Banks NC Custom kilt work sounds great to Me show Us some Picts of Your work.
  12. Keeping the weapon in a safe place is better then putting them in a locked safe, if someone breaks into your home they are bound to in some way cause you bodily injured in some way, so You will have the need for deadly force, keep at least one gun in a secure place that is easy for You to grab and handle, and is loaded, I have many guns my wife is a sharp shooter with our Ruger.22 semi-automatic hand gun its litter and easy to aim, I never have trouble finding .22 rimfire ammo and its cheaper,,I'm just sayin / and thats just me.
  13. Do You wear body armor ? / because of all the negitive news from Chicago sounds like body armor would be required. hehehe
  14. I received my two that I ordered,I gave one a front spot on my Challenge coin holder to be seen by more folks.