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  1. All I can say is that you have much nicer relatives than I do...
  2. It definitely started as a pride of Scottish heritage thing - my kids and I went on holiday in Scotland a couple of years ago, and my son bought a fairly traditional 'outfit' and found that he really enjoyed wearing it. After research I found the Mark (the Frugal Corner) was local (then) and so I bought a kilt just in time for "tartan day" and wore it to work. While I am not unbifurcated every day, as my kilt collection grows, it becomes more and more common...
  3. Let's see... Probably St. Andrew's night at a local (Twin Cities) pub where the owner was buying the first round for anyone kilted - other than highland games/ren faires, anyway.
  4. Why I could never work for myself - I'd have to fire me, and then where would I be?
  5. Ye needn't be a MacDonald to be a fat bastard, but it helps...
  6. very nice - no surprise! good work!
  7. ...and I thought that you meant bad-mouthing The Frugal Corner on forums is heresy...
  8. Yep, I agree wholeheartedly. I have stayed with my current company through four prgressively lean years, watching positions being eliminated and people laid off who have worked here longer. Earlier this year my position was set to be moved to another location over 1000 miles away. I had a choice of following it or finding something else here. I chose the latter, taking what most perceived as a demotion (less technical, but really not less responsibility). Through this process I was able to negotiate a 15% raise in pay, due to my previous four years of taking on all responsibilities presented, earning the reputation for being the team's best utility player, and by proposing that I could help my new boss manage my peers - and subsequently doing so. Good on ya, KT!