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  1. A music box and a decanteur is a are find. To have such a fine name also is a plus. What does it play?
  2. Regardless of the historical nature of a clan tartan, or lack thereof, we now have clan tartans. We also have regimental tartans which in general I think fall under slightly different rules. Then there are the universal tartans, which have been decreed open to all, some of these would normally fall into either the clan or regimental categories. I have found that those that know so much about tartans really know very little and often are hopelessly misinformed. The whole concept of a universal tartan is way beyond the scope of their education. Now I am no fan of the kilt police, although sometimes there are some among us that do need a gentle push towards the right way to do something, like you know wearing the pleats in the back. However the folks that I think are far worse than the normal every day kilt cop are the ones like the trousered man you encountered. Because they are not only ill informed on the few rules we have but they have adapted those rules to fit some personal exception or entitlement. Most kilt wearers will look for a tartan they have some connection to. There has been much discussion over at [you know where] about what it means to join a clan, but that is largely in theory only as the clans no longer function the way they historically did. However the over simplified general consensus is that anyone who wants to join a clan can do so. A military unit is a horse of a different color. In that one can try to join a unit but of those that apply not all are accepted. Thus it is somewhat harder to earn a right to a regimental tartan than a clan tartan. Now the way I understand it since ones military service is not hereditary, one can not be entitled to wear Black Watch due to the actions or enlistment of some ancestor who fought in some battle some time ago. My grandfather was in the Navy and my father was in the Army, I do not wear either of those tartans, as I never served. So the long and short of the situation is that trouser guy was wrong, but you probably could not convince him of that in 100 years.
  3. Interesting article. I had always heard that redneck came from the sunburn on the back of the neck when working outdoors especially in a field. Funny to find out that was a misconception from my youth.
  4. I used to say that I didn't like IPA's. THis was basically without ever trying one. I saw the word pal in the name and since I normally like dark beer I figured I would not like them. THen I had one with some fellow members of a beer club I used to be in and it was quite good. I now drink mostly IPA's although I still love my dark beers. If I have anything light, it will not have the word light in it's name. I have had some nice lagers and pilsners over the years, but they are not my go to beers.
  5. No German blod, but my inlaws are German / Austrian
  6. He has also done some interesting educational ones that were not straight reviews. He showed how to blend 3 different scotches that came from the same malt, thus making what amounts to a single malt with some qualities of a blend. He also has one on how to make cheap whisky into good whisky but mimicking the aging process with a small piece of wood.
  7. Sounds interesting. I like seeing movies like this because you sometimes find that what we have always been told were pagan things ended up just being old Christian things.
  8. Does the white hose go over or under the ankle holster?
  9. Really nice design. Glad to see a band going with something custom like that.
  10. My original pair had small staples in the tassel that kept them close around the lace and thus too small to fit over the knot underneath.
  11. Sorry, I meant bringing up white hose OVER THERE would start a 100 page thread. I can also predict the general groupings the responses would be in, pretty much none of which are all that helpful. First someone would say he just got his first kilt and bought a nice shiny pair of white hose. Group 1 will spout off that that is not traditional and looks bad and reflects poorly on all kilt wearers everywhere Group 2 will argue that kilts have become modern and that there are no rules and you should be able to wear white hose at any time or for that matter wear no hose at all Group 3 will be the moderators that will remind members not to disagree about hose or else risk the ban hammer. The original poster will find themselves bewildered and unsure about what to do next. Finally some old timer who does not post much any more will step in and calmly tell them that white hose is mostly seen in band uniforms and rental shops and make some constructive suggestions for their next pair of hose. However that will be on page 100.
  12. I subscribe to his YouTube channel. Very entertaining.
  13. I have not been banned but probably only because I read more than I post there. The recent discussion about a tartan being designed as a tribute to a charity that saves wild cats is a great example of why one can not get to involved over there. The problem is that there still are some decent folks there, they are just not moderators. Sadly they do have a great knowledge base, but it also seems like they are trying their hardest to make that value go away. I watched them chase away someone for a "gun related post" that was really about his experiences sitting in a courtroom because his daughter was a victim in a well publicized gun related incident. However because he mentioned that the case was a shooting case someone reported his post. I came to these forums because someone posted a prayer that essentially amounted to wishing well for some flood survivors and he was declared naughty for being nice to some people he never met. However you can bring up white hose, as a matter of fact doing so will start a 100 page thread debating the matter.