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  1. If you're referring to the somewhat overused waistplate style belt (which SHOULD be used primarily for more formal occasions) the standard width is 2.25", which is the same width as the contemporary Sam Browne buckle. Smaller than 2" and a belt looks (IMO) a bit goofy and insubstantial with a kilt. Unless you're a REALLY big guy if a belt is over 2.5" it can also look a bit odd.
  2. I'm hoping to have enough time to get over there- it's only on the other side of town but something always seems to come up. I definitely want to see RHCP again, their live shows are fantastic.
  3. Like GrainReaper I have my own CO2 tank and make my own seltzer and occasionally syrups (including tonic water). Right now I'm experimenting with Ginger-Lime-Mint, and considering sour cherry as the next adventure. It's loads more affordable than the proprietary chargers for the SodaStream. $50 for a 5lb CO2 tank, $9 for the fill whip, and $12 for the "Carbonator" caps, refills are $5 for the tank. I always have a few bottles made up. At $0.99 per one liter of seltzer (at the store) I've probably made my money back twice over in the last 6 months.
  4. ST-103 is correct. All the "Grouse" Whisky labels are blends. That said, the Grouse distillery does a single malt called Glenturret. Grouse is a very solid blend, btw.
  5. LOL! How many hobbies do you need, Jim?! These look great.
  6. !!!!!!!!! That's absolutely gorgeous, Jim! Really spectacular. The walnut piece is a beauty too, but this one just blows my socks off.
  7. Hey Jim, I just got my lathe about 2 months ago and have it zooming away- Which one did you get?
  8. Thanks Drac! I always love your WIP/documentation threads. It's a pity you don't have the tools on-hand to make more of these, they are straight up gorgeous.
  9. d@mn, Jim! That is gorgeous. I love your mosaic pins (or whatever the technical term is). It might sound crazy, but I'd love to see your take on a chef's knife.
  10. Looking at their site it appears that they are mostly resellers of Pakistani made goods (not that there's anything specifically wrong with that)- I just think, given the somewhat cursed nature of the last two runs that the group might be better served going directly to a reputable source. Direct to the mill- to make sure the weave is both CORRECT and of good quality, and direct to a kiltmaker of your choosing to make sure it's properly made. Because the more hands a product has to go through in development and creation, the more likely it is that something will get assed-up along the way. I have no particular horse in this race, but I did read some of the stories from both previous runs, why not make the 3rd time the charm?
  11. If there are that many people interested in a custom run of BotK tartan why doesn't someone just start a Pay-to-Play custom run from Marton Mills? You'd just need someone to do the breaking and end shipping. I did one a few years ago with DC Dalgliesh for the R'lyeh Sett- although I wouldn't recommend them this time around, their custom 'set up' fees have gone through the roof. And Rocky from USAKilts just did a second run of the sett for us last summer with Marton Mills in their Jura (16oz wool) range. All you need is someone with a trade account with them. A custom run is not TERRIBLY expensive if you're ordering enough yardage, and then you'd get a reliable mill to do the run and people could send their yardage to the kiltmaker of their choosing (presumably more reliable than the first TWO attempts at with the BotK tartan).
  12. currently 5 2 -pv 'deals' I got from HoS on eBay 1 5yd box pleat from Matt Newsome in my DC Dalgliesh Custom weave 16oz R'lyeh Sett (pleated to the Colour Out of Space stripe) 1 8yd knife pleat from PapaKilts in Marton Mills Holyrood 16oz (pleated to the white stripe) 1 8yd knife pleat from MacDonald Kilts in Marton Mills Custom Weave 16oz Wisconsin State Tartan. (pleated to the gold stripe) I do have a matching bias-cut waistcoat for the R'lyeh Sett for formal occasions, and am considering getting one for the Wisconsin Sett as well. My next kilt is almost certainly going to be in either Marton Mills Earl of St. Andrews or their Caledonia Sett I'd love to get a kilt in Peter MacDonald's Culloden Tartan next time he does a run, but don't know when that will be.
  13. I'll be attempting to attend yet again this year. Despite the fact it's only a 15 minute drive (maybe 45min with the festival traffic & parking) I've managed to miss it two years running. I need my LIVE Red Hot Chilli Pipers fix.
  14. Like all things, there is a middle path. There is a place for Pakistani imports. Not everyone wants or needs a 16oz wool kilt for every occasion. I personally prefer them, but at the same time I have 2 inexpensive PV kilts made by "Heritage of Scotland" (aka Gold Brothers) that I tend to wear out to festivals where there's bound to be beer flying around. Likewise, not everyone has use for one of my custom made brass cantle sporrans (hell, I don't even own one of my own pieces yet- LOL) The problem in my eyes is the ripping off these companies do of other people's designs - like Robert's article in Seanachie's post above. Some of these companies have been caught time and again using other people's pictures to sell their own substandard product. Which means not only are the designs stolen, but they've actually had the balls to sell their inferior product using the pictures of the original piece they've just stolen the design for. I can easily point to a dozen or more instances right now. This sort of thing muddies the water for shoppers, especially if they're newer to the kilt and don't know exactly what they are looking at/for. Obviously some designs are so old that any/everyone has their own interpretation of them, but that is not the case when images are stolen and product is mis-represented by these online tat-merchants.
  15. Others have addressed the medals topic, but as to your second question, YES if you are wearing your dirk the dirk belt would go over your waistcoat. Interestingly enough the dirk tends to be worn on your dominant hand-side (right, if you are right handed). As Downunder Kilt mentioned, it's clunky and awkward to wear if you're going to be doing any dancing, etc.
  16. Great gift- I'd definitely vote Mesoamerican as well.
  17. Here I thought it was going to be this one: An Englishman, a Scot, and an Irishman walk into a pub. They each order a pint of Guinness. Just as they are about to drink, a fly lands in each of their pints, and gets stuck in the thick head. The Englishman pushes his beer away from him in disgust. The Irishman plucks the offending fly out of his beer and continues drinking it as if nothing has happened. The Scotsman picks the fly out of his drink and holds it out over the beer yelling "SPIT IT OUT, SPIT IT OUT, YOU BASTARD!"
  18. +1 If your house is in an area that the city would like to 'lift up' they've probably got restoration grants and may have a list of companies that may work at a discount. Regarding the original question of crowdfunding- Unless it's an actual development type project (more like Kickstarter) or it's a dire medical need, I think there are just wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too damned many crowdsourcing things out there, and you're probably not likely to get much response. Just my $00.02
  19. Traditionally, the relatively modern day sporran's rear edge (where the gusset meets the back panel) is covered with a thin trim strip of leather which wraps from the rear side to the gusset side (interior) and is sewn into place. This may or may not cover the top (front) flap area's edge as well. A more contemporary solution is to braid the rear and leading edges Closures vary from the very simple (a Sam Browne style press-stud) to the all sorts of hardware used by current day makers- magnetic closures, the spike and chain, that odd 'tumbler lock', etc. Good luck, and don't forget to post WIP pix!
  20. Gaelic storm AND the Red Hot Chilli Pipers! I'll be at Irish Fest on Saturday (if plans hold) and at the WI Highland Games on Sat as well.
  21. Without a water-tight closure (double ziploc or similar) you will never be truly waterproof. KT is right, a waterproof bag is going to be a better bet for anything that cannot handle ANY moisture, or an otterbox type thing for electronics or other 'crush-able' items. Just remember, with ANY sensitive item you're carrying into the water (this was originally said of cameras) it's not IF it will experience a leak, but WHEN.
  22. artificer

    New Wood

    Get cracking, Drac! I can't wait to see what you make of them.
  23. I've got an old 1910s-20s German steel straight, which I sometimes use on weekends when I have the time (and I won't be wearing a respirator for a while). Otherwise I've got a butterfly top 60's Gillette knock-off DE that I use during the week (again, if I'm not wearing a mask). My brush is a mix of badger and boar, the boar adding a bit of stiffness and 'whisker lifting' to the badger.
  24. Ah, the pointless macho chest beating... yeah that gets irritating. MY Whisky is moar awesomer than yers!!!! Lame. Good comeback, btw! Lol!
  25. I don't think most people think that Islay drinkers are necessarily MORE sophisticated (at least not 'round here), it's just different tastes for different tongues. I personally can't do anything with too sweet a finish, The Macallan is about as sherried as I can go. Conversely, lots of malts that are 'inland' seem a bit small to me without much oomph behind them. All Whisky is good, some of it is just a lot 'gooder' than others. Drink what you love, life is too short (and Whisky too expensive) to do otherwise. The 10 is my go-to bottle as well. Luckily I got by brother in law hooked on the peat monsters a few years ago, so I've always got an excuse to buy something new and nifty when he's coming into town.