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  1. Brothers, be this Irish Festival be held in the Oshkosh that resides by Lake Winnebago?
  2. Hmmm, compared with your phones, mine might as well have Alexander Graham Bell's signature on it.
  3. Recently, my work music has fluctuated between Wendy Carlos' unused film scores, early Zappa stuff, MSR Madness song-poem collections, and The Danielson Famile.
  4. Everything you've ever heard about Aran sweaters is probably false. Aran sweaters came about in the early 20th century and were based on German twisted stitch patterns and knit/purl patterns found in Jersies and Gansey sweaters of the Channel Islands.
  5. WOW. I must admit that the tweed, camo, and traditional kilts are items to envy. Speaking for myself, the polkadot and satin kilts are a bit out of my league, but that's not a comment on the quality of the kilts you make.
  6.!/photo.php?pid=414856&id=100000250347017&ref=fbx_album!/photo.php?pid=414857&id=100000250347017&ref=fbx_album&fbid=154176101267400!/photo.php?pid=414858&id=100000250347017&ref=fbx_album&fbid=154176124600731 Forgive the bits of markings, bad photography, and the runckled appearence.
  7. I've got the pics, but I can't seem to upload them.
  8. With the combination of twill, gromets, and a new sewing machine I have finally produced a kilt that (this is the only way I can put it) works. This bad boy is black with first and last pleats six inches deep, four inch pleats sewn down five inches. I like me today.
  9. I have been a knitter for a good many years and I'm wondering what the comorbidity rate is between kilts and Faire Isle sweaters. Since most of you are not knitters, I need to explain exactly what I'm babbling about. Faire Isle sweaters originated in the Shetland Islands (yes, this is also the home of the diminuative horses, sheep, andd sheepdogs). Here's a good example of exactly what one of these bad boys looks like... Without going too far into technique and influences I'll get to the point of this thread; hos often have you seen the two (sweater and kilt) together?
  10. I was making my way home on Saturday from the Wisconsin Highland Games when I stepped into a Borders. While perusing the DVD's, an employee approached me to compliment me on my kilt. "What are you wearing under there?" she asked in an innocent tone. I looked down in a thoughtful manner, looked up, and replied, "Socks, boots, and freedom." She chuckled and moved back to her register. Having satisfied the cashier's curiosity, I resumed my squatting position and continued to peruse. "Do you see that guy in the kilt over there? He said he was wearing freedom under his kilt," the cashier whispered loudly to two gregarious customers. Perhaps this isn't the best example of a snappy answer to a stupid question and perhaps the title of the post is incorrect, but I hope you've gotten the point. When you wear a kilt, you expect people to ask such questions and I'm trying to use this anecdote to spur other creative answers to stupid questions. While the Scottish Teabag Society has created a few, how do you provide snappy answers to inane kilted questions?