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  1. Tell them you only have 2 birthday suits and If you can't wear the one with the Kilt. then you really don't think they will let you go in the other one.
  2. I'm Irish and I always say "Hobbit, leipreachán... cad é an difríocht? Is Éireanach gach éinne ar Lá Fhéile Phádraig! Hobbit, Leprechaun... what's the difference? On St. Patrick's Day everyone is Irish!" Happy St Patrick's day everyone!
  3. Thats awesome and thanks for share it. as many of you know my daughter pasted way this last years.but she had been bed rriden for and had got to be big enough that i was the only one that could carry her so we had almost daily daddy dance time. wear i would just hold her and dance around sometimes silly like just for giggles and just rub her back. then when my arms were done for it was back in bed for a movie and cuddle time. Man what I would give to have those days back. sorry any way what I was getting is spend as much time as you can. because it those times that last for ever.
  4. I would pass on them never heard of them. UtKilts is a good one I have 2 of his kilts. the wild/outdoors kilt I love they have everything you need for a day to day utility kilt. An Brice has always gotten my orders to me faster then he says.
  5. Hobbit, leipreachán... cad é an difríocht? Is Éireanach gach éinne ar Lá Fhéile Phádraig! hobbit, leprechaun... Whats the difference? On St. patrick's day everyone is Irish.
  6. Paul what about just cleaning you kilt? wht do you fill is the best way to get dark and ect. out.
  7. is he going to get you a Botk tartan
  8. This is what I would do. Mark was a upstand merchant as well as a good guy. ( I now first hand and have all ready heard all the bad mouthing him for the way he ended his business. put that aside.) He is offering a fulfilment or refund. So he is tyring to make good on his wrongs. back to with I was starting to say. I would e-mail him and tell him what your concerns are and why. (warning emotions) then fallow you heart/stomach.but give him a chance to address you personally. thats 2 cents.
  9. I'm fairy new to scotch I've had some good teachings from my boss (not my wife) he started me with a Glenlivet 12yr, Speyburn 10yr, Auchentoshan classic, and then one I dont remember the name but I know he said it was about $250 a bottle (so for me the name didn't mater I can't afford it). then I have bough the Cardhu 10yr X4 I really like the smokyness of it,and glenlivet 15yr. but I can't go crazy spending ****e-loads on bottles I'll go about 45-50ish. what would you guy recommend.
  10. where do you live that they dont import it. or do iI need to start stocking up. I love it's peaty smokey ness with a fruity finish.
  11. Have you tried Cardhu 10 yr. and what did you think of it? Anyone.