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  1. There is an "official" Irish kilt, if my research is correct. It is based on a couple of things. First, during the early 20th century, the leaders of the Irish rebellion opted to wear solid color kilts. They were openly rebelling against English rule,and chose not to dress in troo$er$ like them. They didn't want to be like the Scots, so they chose no tartan. Their kilts were usually dark colors, black, blue, green or saffron. Also, in early times, and forgive me, but I don't know the dates, the Irish wore long tunics that were dyed with the pigments of plants that gave them a dark golden, yellowish sort of color. The color is the same as if you use saffron flowers to make the dye. Therefore, the Irish government chose a solid color saffron kilt as their national kilt.
  2. It's on this weekend @ Fair Park in Dallas! I'll be there Saturday, wandering around drinking beer and being awesome... Anyone else going?
  3. !Uno mas tejanos aqui! Bienvenidos hermano!
  4. Kilts, I've actually sewn a couple of the non traditional kilts I wear regularly. I do, however, love tartan. I play guitar, mostly acoustic, most every day. Fly fishing is one of my illnesses, although I don't get to go as often as I used to. I cook quite a lot, and I am better at it than most. I can usually taste what's in a dish, and reproduce that at home. (Not meaning to sound conceited but sometimes the truth is what it is.) I do attend church regularly. I like motorcycles, but have never owned one of my own. I am also into craft beer and fine whiskeys.
  5. I have been wearing kilts for around 10 years now, and I get a lot of questions and "cool kilt" comments when out in public. I don't get to wear one every day, and never to work. I'm a plumber, and it prob'ly wouldn't go over well. I wear one to church often, and have never had anyone frown on it. I do, however, play guitar occasionally on the worship team, and was asked not to wear one on stage, as it might be a distraction. I have been n usher kilted, and it was never a problem.
  6. Very nice. Looks like ya'll had a good time
  7. 'Ello, from one north east Texan to another!
  8. 'Ello, from yet another from north east Texas!
  9. Normally, I wear black tech boots. If the weather is cold, I pull on my knee high lineman boots, also in black. For socks, I like heavy kilt hose in winter, but most if the time I wear an assortment of knee high argyle socks, pushed down to the top of the tech boots. I think my wife would use the word scrunched... You can find the argyles at a site called
  10. I just wanted to drop in and say howdy! It seems I've gotten out of the habit of checking in on y'all. Hopefully you've been misbehaving in my absence?
  11. Looking quite stylish, sir. I must say, I like the tam, also...