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  1. A while ago i bought a few jackets from a thrift store and had them modified to fit with a kilt, what do you guys think
  2. haha kt isnt dead after all \o/
  3. i will here soon, its a stillwater weathered mckenzie, however it is a bit ragged as its currently my work kilt =p, has small burn holes on the front apron and a couple of small tears in the back that ive sewn up, ill be getting several new ones within a month and will be able to part with this, if you dont already have one by then that is.
  4. Whats your favorite local/micro brew beer in your area here in northern utah, im going to have to go with squatters double india pale ale, 9% beer, very very bitter but has a slight sweetness to you, and a 6 pack will utterly destroy you over the course of about 2 hours =P
  5. Ive got a few pairs of sports kilt regular hose, and while i love them, they seem to have stretched out quite a bit as they are very light material, ive been looking at the premium hose from sk, but just wanted to know if they are quite a bit thicker and sturdier than the regular hose.
  6. Ive yet to get myself a pair of ghillies, not sure when id ever wear them, so just as the title sais when is is appropriate to wear Ghillie Brogues?
  7. for things like that, i usually wear my long piper hose, a turtleneck and one of my kilt-sportcoats, had a standard sportcoat shortened to go well with the kilt only cost 15 bucks including the cost of the jacket. as well as my good boots and my plaid. or you can just do a nice sweater and long hose, looks quite good as well and a bit less dressy.
  8. a selection of local brews called party in a box for me =D
  9. see thats my problem, when i buy a bottle of booze, it is very VERY hard to keep booze in said bottle for more than 3 or 4 days =P
  10. im going to go ahead and third the motion, now if only i could afford to buy 30$+ bottles of scotch every week, there is a reason i drink 7$ whiskey, its so that i can forget that i can only afford 7$ bottles of whiskey.
  11. from what i have been told, western society started going down hill the moment it was no longer acceptable to beat the hell out of morons who deserve it.
  12. ?
  13. See this is why you have to be careful at large concerts, went to a slayer concert a few months ago, had more hands under my kilt then id care to have again 0_o