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  1. Mine sent....forward yours when you have a chance.
  2. I'm having the same issue, let me know what you learn.
  3. I have never even heard I have never even heard of this but it looks like something I will likely HAVE to see!!!!
  4. Steve's Original is pretty good stuff. A way to help keep the costs down is looking at your local farms. I get about 90% of my meat, cheese, fruit and veggies and milk (raw) direct from various farmers. We have actually made it into a family event...we take the kids and we get to spend quality time together and my kids get to see and learn exactly where their food comes from. Local Harvest ( is where I found all my farmers and they have a search function that works for the entire continental US and some Canada.
  5. Yes, my reference to 80/20 was that I try to eat Paleo classified foods 80% of the time. I allow my self the room to enjoy what I want when I want, whether it's a beer, slice of pizza or a candy bar. As I said before I don't really consider this a "diet" as more of a lifestyle change. As to what makes it better? No idea. I realize that no one diet/lifestyle is right for everyone. I simply know that eating this way makes me feel better than I have in years. I'm stronger, I sleep better, I have no mid-afternoon crashes, I have no more heartburn, I don't snore anymore, etc. This is all a result of simply changing how I eat. I'm not an RD, MD or anything else with initials...this is just my personal experience and those of my friends that have tried it are finding similar results.
  6. I've been eating this way about 80/20 since October and I feel better than I have in memory. I'm also down 28lbs which is great for my health but terrible for my kilts as they don't really fit anymore. At first I figured it was just another fad diet too, but it really isn't, it's more of a lifestyle. Once you commit to it, it's actually pretty easy to stick too. It does help that my wife has Celiac Disease so there really aren't any grains in the house anyways. I would challenge ANYONE to try it for 1 month. I guarantee if you truly did stick to it you would lose weight effortlessly and feel better.
  7. I prefer my kilts also around the middle of the knee. I am a little shorter waisted than most so the standard 24" drop on many off the shelf kilts is long on me so I tend to wear my kilt slightly highter above the navel.
  8. New World Irish? It's got a little yellow in there too, but not as much as the Irish National.
  9. New Beetle is out, I've seen a couple on the roads around here.
  10. Chris, I agree with you and have actually been thinking about it....I honestly just haven't been able to answer the "what" question yet.
  11. Currently a Regional Auditor for a large cable company. Not really an Auditor by choice, was reorg'ed into the position a few years ago and stuck around to learn something new. Background is a little bit of everything from Systems, Business and Financial Analysis to Backhoe's and Forklifts. I'm a Jack-of-all and master-of-none I guess. I am an above average user of the typical MS Office products (Excel, Word, Access, etc.) but also have no problem getting my hands dirty dealing with logistics, inventory, etc. I do have a BA Degree as well. The wife has a decent job so we are pretty much staying put unless I find something INCREDIBLE. We have decided that the worst case scenerio of me staying home with the kids and being "Mr. Mom", while not ideal isn't terrible. I figure I have an opportunity here to re-evaluate my career and try to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do......not as easy at 39 as it was when I was a kid!?!?!?!
  12. I know exactly where you are. I lived in Ashburn for a little while too just a little further down 7. I was right in Leesburg on Queen Street NE off Edwards Ferry. Moved away in '05 to be closer to family after having kids but I do miss the area.
  13. I was notified yesterday that as of March 1st I am joining the ranks of the unemployed. Now if I can just figure out what I want to do when i grow up!
  14. This is really cool. I love my modern deluxe and I've lost so much weight recently I don't really fit into my tartan kilts anymore!