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  1. Do people still wear phillabegs? Or belted plaids? Have they become obselecent and forgotten?
  2. Thank you to all of you! I appreciate your numerous replies.
  3. Kilts make me so happy. Every night i go to sleep giggling now that kilts have entered my life. They really are quite cheerful, aren't they? I'm doing a little speech on kilts and I was curious where you all came from. Also, are the styles of pleats especially significant? And lastly, as one would assume any kilt outsider would ask, are the majority of you in favor of not wearing anything under your kilts? It seems such a rude thing to ask, so I won't ask you to expand further upon that than a simple yay or nay. Also, if you have any links that would be enormously helpful. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all! will be a very funny thing to cite indeed.
  5. I probably am the only latina who ever has glanced upon this forum. But i don't know. Anyway, I'm doing a speech for school and the topic I chose was the kilt. There is, as i feared, FAR more to it than I ever could have envisaged. So that's why I'm here, to ask you kilt experts a few questions, if you would be so kind to answer them, perhaps. Thanks. first of all, what exactly is tartan? And what is it's purpose? Is it some sort of fabric coat of arms? likely there will be more questions to follow, for whatever research can't answer. Thanks again!