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  1. I think you will find that the statement that there are many photos of Baden - Powell in a kilt is a myth that comes up every time that kilts and scouting are discussed. If you do have any photos though, I would be most pleased to see them. Cheers.
  2. Kilted Texan, where is this political thread you refer to?
  3. Thanks for the referenceGRAIN REAPER. I love to read about old time industrial conflicts and what means were used to resolve. much obliged to you.
  4. which labour uprising are you refering to GR? I cannot seem to find any reference to thregovernment using any WW1 leftovers to quell any miners strike
  5. Sounds good Mike. I have a handsewn 8 yard knife pleat from All Things Tartan in Qld. Australia and a 6 yard handsewn knife pleated from Matt Newsome in North Carolina. Both are pleated to the alternating blue and white stripes as per the Australian Army Pipe Bands. The 6 yard one under construction The 8 yard one in use
  6. That is why I have two kilts in that tartan Mike. One in the designers original colour scheme woven by Bately's Mill, and the other in bolder colours, custom woven by D C Dalgliesh. Cheers.
  7. Welcome from the Land Downunder, where women glow and men plunder. What you are probably looking for are tartans woven in the weathered colour scheme. Just google weathered tartans and you will get the idea. I believe Celtic Croft has the Rob Roy tartan (from the film of the same name) available as great kilts and may well be what you are after. Cheers
  8. Congratulations Glen, a fine rebag of a MkII cantle and another excellent example of the Artificers superb abilities. Cheers
  9. Good one Corbmonster, you have all the members here scratching their heads for a couple of days, comparing tartans, colour schemes and the rest, Then the only person that really matters (who should have been consulted first) pronounces it's done and dusted. Cheers mate and we look forward to pics when you get it
  10. The kilt you are talking about with the central box pleat and knife pleats radiating out from that is a kingussie style. As for the amount of material you need. box pleat kilt - 4 - 6 yards - depends on number of pleats and width and depth of pleats knife pleat - 5 - 8 yards - again depends on number, width and depth of pleats Width of material should be around 27"
  11. You don't say if you have an instruction book/manual. if not I suggest you search google for X Kilt instructions. It's a complete manual explaining how to make a kilt that you describe. Heck here is the address of the PDF of the X Kilt
  12. Born, bred and lived in Melbourne, Australia
  13. Welcome from the Land Downunder, where women glow, and men plunder. Cheers
  14. I think they will look bloody good too. Cheers
  15. Tattersalls shirt and tan/coffee coloured hose. Forget about being matchy-matchy