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  1. A Very intering Monical.

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day

  3. Adults continually let me down, but kids never fail to surprise me. The bests moments are when some kid corrects an adult and says "That's a kilt, stupid!"
  4. Oh yeah... That is all kinds of awesome. I love balloon animals and balloon sculpture.
  5. I really hate what I am about to do... But this is a bloody terrible idea. This is a kilt forum. As such, there is a lot of noise about kilts. Kilts kilts kilts. And there are a whole bunch of people here for, you guessed it, KILTS. To discuss kilts. How to wear them. How to make them. What to do with them. How to get bubblegum out of your wool traditional. All those other topics. There is so much noise and discussion about kilts that any discussion about sarongs would be drowned out in the din. Any useful info would just be swallowed to the point of total disappearance in no time, at the rate that new posts are added to this board. Ultimately, adding this section to the board would be a great disservice to the sarong and other such MUGs, taking a great deal away from them while adding nothing of value to the larger kilt community. While I would love to see such a thing be added here, the logistics of the forum do not allow for such discussion. We have gained numbers, and, with those numbers, the conservative shift to the right that seems to happen in kilt communities. We're starting to see more posts about traditional kilting and fewer posts about modernist kilting. Don't believe me? Look for your self, and check the dates. There is definitely a shift happening. It is the slow steady change that is inevitable over time. Our user base is rapidly becoming the tried and true more traditional kiltie, and this is a good thing for the Brotherhood. Such a user base isn't so conductive for the freestyle element. Or for that matter, the ultra modern kiltie. This is not a hill worth dying on. It isn't even worth sticking around or fighting over. That's the problem with new frontiers... They never stay a frontier for very long. Eventually, others come to settle in the new ground broken. Meanwhile, the frontier keeps creeping away, just over the horizon. And the Brotherhood of the Kilt is no longer the frontier that it once was. We are well settled, well established, full of growth, and kilt-centric. This is a good thing and the balance that we do have shouldn't be tampered with. We do not need an alternative MUG section. We just need to stop being lazy and start looking toward the horizon again.
  6. Better to not discuss them at all. If people see them delegated to off topic status, it destroys any chance or hope of credibility one might hope to get for acceptance of alternative mugs to a society at large. Since this is a site that focuses exclusively on kilts, it should spend its energies promoting kilts and giving them the limelight that they deserve. Forcing sarong conversations into off topic only sends a message that even among established alternative male mugs (In this case, kilts specifically) that the sarong and other similar garments are not viewed or accepted as acceptable alternatives. This would do more harm than good. Better to simply redirect energies elsewhere where such subjects are on topic and can get the respect and open and frank conversation that they deserve, so people studying the topic can get proper perspective and insight. Banishing them to off topic or creating a sub forum in off topic wouldn't be offering them the respect they deserve, and frankly, it would take something away from the focused and well directed energies of the Brotherhood. If you are going to do one thing, do it will. In this case, kilts. It isn't so much a rejection of other MUGs, it is merely staying focused. My 2 cents.
  7. There is a little boy named Cherokee that comes to visit his Grandmother here. He's named after the Jeep, cause the Jeep is stylin'! And when I told the woman that Cherokee is named after a Native tribe, she asked me "why would some Indians be named after a car? I don't think you know what you are talking about, thems Indians was here before the Jeep was." I didn't even bother trying to explain. Some people are just weapons grade stupid. And yes, the Jeep Cherokee in question is a pimped out ghetto hooptie. Big 20 something inch dubs, low profile tires, cheap tacky Mao Mart chrome superglued to every available surface, windows tinted with see through contact paper, complete with bubbles. I just don't get it.
  8. Dood, you said "Kilt Nazis" in your 666th post. Passing strange mang.
  9. My posts aren't showing up in such a way that people can see them until hours after the fact and I'm guessing that most people don't know to scroll up and see if there is anything new there... But there is a place to escape **places pinky on corner of mouth** kilted tyranny.
  10. There is a place to discuss sarongs and other male mugs. **Shamelessly points at link in sig** There, it is ON TOPIC.
  11. From the folks who brought you badgers.
  12. I'm not a Samoan, but I think I qualify for the scary warrior look.
  13. I hate it when I am right. Soon, the only thing associated with this name will be ridicule and shame. It'll be a common name among strippers, you betcha.