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  1. I figured this one would pique your interest cousin. Yes, I have been in an out infrequently last couple years. Work and personal stuff taking precedence. I know McFarkus has been representing and hope to be a more frequent attendee. I tend to listen more than talk, but will post a few pix of recent work in the Thorfinn forum when I get done with a current one. Numbers are in the 240's now. It's a long way from KT's #1
  2. A folding chair at 1:30 a.m. in the SCD pavillion at Grandfather Mt. after 2 hours drumming around a hot bonfire on the McRowdy side of the campground. Security prowling around to keep folks away from the vendors' tents generates a need for silence. Activity was fast and frenzied, yet stifled. I leave the rest to your imaginations. Feel free to use them.
  3. Many may have seen this but I just came across it. It's a long view but worth it if you are interested in seeing a piece of vanished history.
  4. Jeez, KT, I had forgotten about that one. I hope it had a flap when I sent it to you, But you seem to have adapted and overcome. Folks, it was at KT's suggestion after using #1 that I started putting the main pocket on the rear panel. It added some steps to the process but I've never considered going back to the old way.
  5. "The Quincy pub is being proposed by a corporation called Waxy’s Quincy LLC, which is managed by Ashok Patel of Lexington" More likely Ashok Patel of Pakistan. Whose family owns all the 7-Elevens and low-end motels.
  6. My local Publix carries the stuff in its British section. $2/bottle. Kids love it.
  7. Sorry Andrew, I can't find any record of an email from you, or a contact from BOTK messages prior to last nite's message. I'd be glad to work with you on a lady sporran. Please contact me via the email addres on my website so we can discuss details. cheers
  8. Glad you are happy with it Shane. That was a first for me to, sending a sporran to the land of the lotus eaters. I've been MIA over here for a while but that doesn't mean I'm not still servicing BOTK members or still giving the discount. I'm not dead yet!
  9. It looks great! I've started using that sie chain as well. Looks better and is more secure.
  10. HY3-2897 before 10 number dialing McFarkus knows this one
  11. I agree with Artificer on this one.
  12. I'll be seeing it first hand in about 2 weeks. Thanks for the preview. 4 days in northern Ireland, then ferry over, Stirling, Aberdeen (Aboyne Highland Games, meet the Cock o' the North in person at Aboyne Castle), then Inverness and Edinbugh.
  13. I'm going to try and make it, but probably as an attendee and not 9this year) with the whole clan tent. 4 weeks later is the Loch Hartwel games and 3 weeks after that is Stone Mt. That's a lot of gear-schlepping.
  14. Have you looked at the Carolina tartan? It has that color in it. Sorry, the forum won't let me post a pic for some reason. check out the link -