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  1. It's been a long time. I haven't heard anything about receiving my kilt. I'll post up if that changes.
  2. I realize that some of you consider him a friend. It was this forum that led me to his business. I know I'm the new guy and my only contribution to this community, thus far, has been a single complaint about your friend. Please understand that to me, this is a business. And it is a business that has accepted my money and, so far, has not held up to their side of the bargain. So let me at least then thank you for your help in reaching out to him. So far my inquiries for details have not been answered.
  3. Well continued lack of feedback and no delivery is taking me back to my original claim that this was not a wise selection and Gary at Celtic Warrior Kilts is scamming his customers. During the time I've been waiting (since november of 2010!) I've successfully bought, received and wore new kilts from Utilikilts as well as a custom order from Sport Kilts. I'm extremely disappointed. I've sent a few emails to Gary asking when he would be able to deliver my kilt and received no reply. The last I've heard was over two weeks ago when I received a tracking number but it indicates that the package was never put in the mail. On the bright side: I really like my newest kilts!
  4. I added an update to my initial post. It looks like I'll be getting a new kilt soon.
  5. Hey, did you get the new phone? By the by... how's the timeline looking?
  6. Oh wow! Everyone I appreciate your help and words. Gary I'm glad to hear back from you! Sorry about your uncle. Let me know what we can do to get everything back on track! I really want to post back that everything worked out ok! -Rick
  7. Update 1/22/11: Gary (Proprietor of Celtic Warrior Kilts) has reestablished contact. From within this thread, forum members have spoken highly of him and his product. The consensus and report is that my experience was a result of a temporary and extraordinary issue for Gary and his business and that it was by no means intentional. As of now we have confirmed an updated delivery date and I'm looking forward to receiving my Celtic Warrior Kilt! Update 2/24/11: I received a tracking number last week! Although it doesn't appear to be moving. Update 2/25/11: Still no response to my last email requesting when the kilt will actually be put into the mail. So far the package tracking is a week old and it indicates that the package hasn't been received by the USPS. ---------------------------------------------------- about I know I'm new here, but I've been lurking for about six months. I was glad to just read all the information I could about wearing kilts and people's experiences. I recently (finally) signed up, but unfortunately it was to ask if anyone knew if something was going on with Gary at Celtic Warrior Kilts. In November of 2010 I placed an order with Celtic Warrior Kilts for a custom kilt. Eventually we came to agree on fabric color, style, accessories. He even offered to throw on a "modesty snap" at no cost. So I was pretty d@mn excited! I sent in my payment and said make me a kilt! According to his website it says that it takes 3-4 weeks before the order is shipped so I waited. I figure I got'ta let a craftsman do his job. Shortly before due time at the end of December 2010 I sent a note asking how it was going and never received a reply. I waited another week asking for a status update and again I received no reply. About that time I posted on this forum hoping that someone may help or even Gary might post back. Hey, I know sometimes stuff happens. Now it's the 15th and it's looking like I got scammed. I'm out my payment... I could've supported someone else. And instead of posting up how awesome my kilt is, I got to post a warning to others that may order from CWK and send payment. A couple of weeks late isn't terrible, but the lack of communication tells me that I've been scammed. It bums me out, but I cannot recommend Celtic Warrior Kilts to my friends or anyone else that may be interested in a modern kilt. Hopefully I can get my money back (or, hell, maybe even get my kilt!) I'll certainly be sure to update this thread if anything changes. Take care everyone! And thanks for all the great info.
  8. KT, have you had any luck getting through?
  9. Has anyone else been able to get in touch with Gary? I have a couple of emails to him without a response and I haven't heard back since I submitted payment on an order. Based on the 3 to 4 week lead time on their site... It's going overdue and I'm trying to figure out where it's at. Thanks for your help.