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  1. as far as I can tell, two idiots ran into each other and one is dead, both of them had problems with violence and authority. My only concern is how the local police handled the investigation, doesn't seem like they did enough. That being said I'm sitting on the north coast of PA and not in FL and I'm sure I'm not getting all the facts.
  2. never been called sexy by a guy, I'd probably freak out
  3. my casual look at the parade got a few compliments, no one asked me directly about the kilt, but my wife got a lot of questions at work. Seems a few of her co-workers were out with their husbands and saw us, now the guys want to know all about my kilt.
  4. fingers crossed hoping everything is ok! edit: just saw facebook, still hoping this gets resolved in good form
  5. My Favorite pic is the one woth your daughter on your shoulders as the two of you walk away from the camera, beautiful place
  6. first one, looks like he's got the kilt on backwards?!?
  7. a couple videos (I hope this works)
  8. just a couple pics from Saturday Night, Pipes and Drums of Erepa Grotto (Erie) 60th Tartan Ball with special guests 87th Cleveland Pipeband (celebrating their 25th anniversary). I'll try and get a couple of the highland dancers from video I took...
  9. narration: Kevin McKidd = Call of Duty (game) "Soap" MacTavish and also in Trainspotting This movie also has Robbie Coltraine, most people know him as Haggrid (Harry Potter) but he has done some great comedies over the years. Plus Kelly MacDonald who was also in Trainspotting (and a bunch of films I've never seen). I'm hoping for a surprise cameo from Mr. Connery though, that would be icing on the cake!
  10. I wish BBC america would show all the games, anyone know of a legal way to watch 'em online? Scottland dropped the ball way too much yesterday, second half made me sick
  11. was kilted at the pub to watch Scottland vs England 6 nations rugby yesterday, god that game was awful.
  12. never drove a tank, but was enlisted in the Field Artillery and served on M109 and M110 plus many track support vehicles, fantastic rush when your 20 but I doubt my ribs could take it now...
  13. I love ETH! Have to click your link...
  14. Ross Hunting (ancient or modern) Ross Red Modern plus fly plaids to go with a few of my tartans