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  1. High-Gear


    I'm a fan of pointy things, as well as thing which go boom. I proudly own a sgain made by Chilli, and value his candor and insight. It's been a while since I've been posting, maybe I should reintroduce myself to the new folks around here as well. P.S. Chilli, some day I've got to tell you about pulling over 50+ 1%'s . I think I set a record in my jurisdiction. It could have gone real bad, real quick, but I ended it with a handshake and an understanding .
  2. I've not met a Scotsman, nor a descendent of one that could be TOLD to do anything, let alone how to wear his kilt! Good job telling him to bugger off!
  3. Happy Birthday, I hope it was spent enjoying family and friends!
  4. Sorry, I returned to work after a shoulder surgery and found it in my email. It immediately made me think of the brotherhood so I hurried over to post a link. I should have searched a bit.
  5. Check out this video! http://videos.511tactical.com/videos/151/Tactical-Duty-Kilt?keycode=Wemail_TacticalKiltMarch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoX7ZqaNPOQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player (for those without flash) I promptly filled out the uniform request, and sadly was denied...the Cheif was not in a joking mood. Booo! Apparently it was an April Fools email from a company that makes police uniforms, but due to popular demand they are going to make a limited run...Yeah!
  6. It was the one sunk during the filming of the movie U.S. Marshalls with Welsey Snipes and Tommy Lee Jones. It is at a location named Mermet Springs, IL, right across the river from Padukah KY. There are several things submerged there and a great dive destination.
  7. Megs pointed it out, could you move it to off topic please
  8. Here are some pics from my vacation this summer. Most are of Crissy, as I'm running the camera. Water Temp at depth is 47 degrees! BRRRRRRRRRRRR! In a submerged 727 at 60 feet. Crissy doing her impression of Tawny Kitean! (Whitesnake video...Oh well if you didn't get it your too young!) Here we are in the tram which goes to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
  9. Yeah, that is how I understood it.
  10. OOps, thought I put it in Off Topic. Sorry. If you could move it I'd be grateful.
  11. I love this photo! It shows how resourceful, and adaptive the Highlanders were. Check out the mockisins (sp?) and the beaded pouches in addition to the tomahawk. It shows the Native American influence on those who came over here in the early days. Very Very cool!
  12. WOW! BABY BLING!!!!!!!!!! Now thats what I call accessorizing! Cool pics!
  13. Hello All, I've been popping in from time to time and scanning the most recent posts at the time. Honestly I don't have time for getting in depth, and catching up completely is laughable. However I like to stop by from time to time to see what is going on. I see there have been some changes As for me, it has been a busy summer. Crissy got scuba certified (which was a real chore getting a neurologist to sign off on the medical form), but in the end was worth the effort. We have gone on a few dives together, but then I blew my eardrum again and have been on the bench for the last few weeks. I completed my Rescue Diver certification, as well as a deep diver cert, which lets me go to 130 feet. I will log in on my other computer and post a photo or two of crissy in a submerged 727. We hope to go to the Mall of America this winter and dive in their aquariums (salt and fresh water), which should be a blast! I have not been able to ride as much as I would have liked, but am planning an Iron Butt ride in the next month. I am going to go for 1,000 miles in 24 hours. Wish me luck! So, please fill me in on the goings on with all of you. (moved from members forum, with deletions for general chat)
  14. KT, Glad to see the pouring project worked out. I love the look of the #1 pins. Are there any left, I never received mine from the special fund raiser we had a while back. Thanks, Bryan