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  1. Nollaigh Chridle! Is gasda leamh tachairt ribh! Merry Christmas! It's nice to see you again!
  2. Ahh- the beauty of god's playground- ain't we all glad we've been privelidged to be plopped down in the middle of such glory!!! And with kilts to boot!!?? What a wonderful life! Eideard
  3. You know- I never really liked knives untill I became a blacksmith- just my trusty old pocket Buck knife with a broken blade was plenty enough for me. Served the purpose of a tool very well. Now, I can appreciate the grain of the steel and the warmth of the combination of blade and handle as an art form in it's entierty- not just as a tool, but as an extension of the wielder of the blade...
  4. Me too- me too- I wanna go! - Shute- work tomorrow- you'll have to drop me off back home by 9:00!
  5. Peyote- Neil Young- Jerry Garcia- Led Zeppelin- Bob Dylan- Leonard Cohen- Lysergic Acid Diethylemide- Janis, Hendrix, Morrison, Cream, Coors, Bud, Colt 45, Johnny Cash, Lynard Skinnard, Leon, Waylon, Willie-
  6. I only have three kilts- at this point- all tartan. Working on a trade with Dread for a kilt to wear at the forge- something straight forward and utilitarian. Eideard MacEaunrigh
  7. The beauty of our world is certainly detailed in exquiset and stunning spectrum by skilled photographers- We're blessed by the artistry of these gifted souls- Especially when the subject is so dear to our hearts! I am in love again! Eideard MacEanruig
  8. Oh- and also- nice library you have there- Eideard
  9. Life's circumstances have led me down a pessimistic road as of late- hard times and many many difficulties- however, a few sparkles of delight have dawned for me in the past few days- my Son putting up the Christmas lights, my grandsons helping, and this video- startling surprises that have lifted my heart- thank you so much for this georgeous video- a warm peek into the lives of some happy people over half the way around the world from us! Good joy and happiness abounding to you and yours in this Christmas season- Eideard (Ted)
  10. I've managed to whallop out a few more gizmos and whatnots from the Gaelic Forge- Dread- here's another torc sized more to your specs- I've noticed that when I wear these torcs around the shop while working, I heat up somewhat more than otherwise- that is, it seems that they warm up to body temp very quickly and then add to it! I wonder if maybe the celts used copper and iron body ornaments specificly for this purpose? Finished the Ogham discs- Displayed on a mirror with a piece of veined obsidian in the middle. Each disc has one of the Ogham tree symbols etched into it. More odds and ends-
  11. Quite distinguished my friend... Good deal!
  12. The bee is good- the ankle......?? a little pale. All in all- I'm kinda jealous- a cool buzzy bee on the ankle... pretty nice!
  13. My search results on Google don't have the ranking arrows. How do you get them?
  14. Out on the playground with my buddies- I went to a little two room country school with a total of about 40 kids or so- we were going to play croquet when the teacher came out and got us and told us to come inside to listen to the radio broadcast. It was scary.
  15. Those swirls in the working end of the blade are very pretty- Nickle and iron? I know that evenings empire has returned into sand- Bob Dylan