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  1. Mark, I'm very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with your family.
  2. Raptor, I'm expecting a payment on that one in the next few days but if it falls through I'll follow up with you. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Clearing out a bunch of stuff. Will be adding to this thread as I get to it but for starters: *** Prices do not include shipping from Georgia, USA*** Childs Kilt Belt, Black w/ Nickle Highlander Buckle, 28" waist +- : SOLD (2) Stillwater Kids Economy Sporrans, Black, (no sporran straps) : SOLD Stillwater Economy Rabbit Fur Sporran, Black, Nickle cantle (no sporran strap) : SOLD (2) Kids Weathered Mackenzie plaids, @ 20"x68" plus 1/2" fringe : SOLD Stillwater Childs Economy Weathered Mackenzie kilt, Size Small, like new condition: SOLD Stillwater Childs Economy Weathered Mackenzie kilt Size Large, like new condition: SOLD Stillwater Adult Standard Weathered Mackenzie kilt, Size 38", Great condition: SOLD Stillwater Adult Heavy Weight Saffron Wool kilt, Size 38", Great Condition, SOLD Modifiyed Kilt Tweed Jacket, Grey, Size XL (I'm about a 46" chest) : $80 Gaelic Themes Piper Hose, Hunter Green, Large, SOLD Hamiton Dry Goods Kilt Socks, Cotton, Cable Knit, Navy Blue, Large : SOLD Hamiton Dry Goods Kilt Socks, Cotton, Ribbed, Light Brown: SOLD Economy Kilt Hose, Ribbed, Oatmeal: SOLD Additionally, I've got a bunch of 2.5" and 1" strips of leather in Black, Brown, Brick if you are looking to do a small project like a sporran strap or kids kilt belt or if you are fortunate enough to have a small waist size. Contact if interested, I'd prefer to off-load the lot to get it out of my way. Photos on request. Best to email me at More to come....
  4. Received this in via email today. Might have been around a while but it's the first I've seen of it so enjoy....
  5. My Sporran Wallet holds cell phone, credit cards, bills and coins, mp3 player with headphones, car keys, pen and still has room to sort and store other thin items. It's ideal for a Rob Roy sporran as once it's fully loaded you can still get it in and out and not have to dig around for stuff in the sporran.
  6. Small world Devil Dog. I was at Cherry Point back in the 90's. Welcome to the neighborhood.
  7. Love them Blackhawks! Great series!
  8. I'm a big fan of the plaid worn across the chest, like a loose pipers plaid. To me and my lifestyle, this is the most practical and functional method. It looks great also as seem in many paintings. The other methods of wear you described would be more of a nuisance to me, having to keep the plaid on my shoulder, billowing behind me or needing to fumble with a pin before it could be used in any other manner.
  9. The back leather is too thin. You need something more along the lines of a 12 oz. leather. Should be close to 1/4" thick. You can try to laminate multiple layers of the thin leather together but you'll need to bond them with cement in order to get any real structural benefit from it. After that you will have an "un-sitely" edge that you'll likely want to cover with a thin piece of leather.
  10. Not to be greedy but, does the BotK discount apply with this sale?
  11. I was very pleased to make a trade with Drac for this beautiful knife which will be tasked as a Dress Sgian Dubh. I decided to take this chance to try my hand at stamping a moulded sheath for it. The red accent strips in this sgian are going to look great with my Fraser Red kilt. I think the handle gives a nice nod to the Mameluke Officer Sword also.
  12. As was said some photos will help give a better overall solution. It sounds like you are saying the "pills" are coming from the cut, exposed edges. You could try to find some thin leather that will match or coordinate with the sporran and cover the seams by sewing it over the edges. Not hard to do. Another option would be to buy some lace and do a basket weave braid along the edges like Donnie does on some of his sporrans.
  13. For our 5 year anniversary, I treated the company to a new look for our web site and finally have the shopping cart configured (yeah, it's PayPal but it still counts ) Bear with us while we discover and resolve any kinks in the shopping cart setup but we'll address them as we find them.
  14. I've purchased a few things over the years from Celtic Croft. They have always had good communication with me and the items have shipped and arrived in less than a week which I think is pretty good. I've never worn a great kilt so I'm not able to add much here except that others I've heard from that have worn a Celtic Croft great kilt have been pleased with them. I'm sure others will chime in shortly to add more detail.
  15. Comparison Shopping: RedLaser Hiking: Trailhead Star Watching: Star Walk Games: Flight Control, UnblockMe, DoodleDestroy,Backgammon, Chess, Checkers General Messing with People: AirHorn, Dog Whistle