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  1. it's awesome KT has given us the ability to do that!
  2. working fine now, hope to see y'all in there
  3. calendar loads pretty quick and seems easy to use
  4. Fairdos

    Adventures in rebirth

    Welcome Back BOTK!
  5. Does the fact my son since he was a toddler love to wear kilts right along with me count as converted? Lol
  6. I've been wearing a kilt between 4-5 years now. I wear them when I'm off work and the weather permits, unfortunately cold weather doesn't go well with my legs lol. I currently own 3 with a 4th literally in route from stillwater kilts! I don't wear one to work since I'm a cook in a Wegmans, in MA, prepared food department and the thing would get wrecked lol
  7. been awhile but i've come back to poke around and have fun

  8. oh oh I'min I love free stuff!
  9. ommmmmm, Peace be still with Kilted Zen
  10. welcome and yes you can wear it in almost anyway you like! I've worn it with a t-shirt and sandals and people liked it
  11. go to salado then compare either works in a kilt though!! lol I know you knew that though
  12. this is the first I have heard of the elusive free kilt!