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  1. Drac

    Having issues

    Problem resolved. Refund issued.
  2. Drac

    Having issues

    Still no word and no responses to emails. Jim
  3. Drac

    Having issues

    Got a reply - Sorry this is our busiest time of year and we are on the road constantly They have the fabric now and we will have the kilt in our shipment next week Dirk
  4. Drac

    Having issues

    Actually since there is no communication from them the only thing left is contacting credit card company requesting a refund.
  5. Drac

    Having issues

    Good day all, Tried to fix through normal channels but not getting anywhere. Have tried email and phone befor going public. I ordered a Bluebonnet TIP at Scarby. Was told would take a while. Followed up with an email a week past the day. Was told it would be a bit more delay. Waited until a couple weeks after that and sent another email but no response. Waited a bit more and then called the store a week ago. They said that they would have the warehouse contact me in 24-48 hours with my requested firm in hands date or a refund but a week later nothing. Called the store again today. Went to voice mail several times left a message requiring a response but got nothing. I've run out of ideas here. They have great kilts and love the folks at the shops but May 7th until now is pushing it. Jim
  6. Drac

    Dress set

    I do. I will say that I am not prolific. I am currently waiting on some wood coming in for a commission. This is one is for sale out side the set. Would be $120.
  7. Drac

    Dress set

    Well Papa needs a new kilt. Dropping price to $200.
  8. Hello all, Stop by Got Kilt's shop today at Scarby. Saw the awesome BotK kilts. Got to get my self one buy Amy is pushing me toward the box pleat with the hidden tartan. Attached is a couple "Boo" pics with the booth manager and one of the BotK kilts.
  9. Oops, we've been PMing on a blade. Sorry, Jim
  10. Drac

    Dress set

    Now for the good news, the set is for sale. $300US free insured postage in the Continental US.
  11. Drac

    Dress set

    Hello all, Combined 2 hobbies to make the ultimate dress set. All are made from Scotch barrel staves. Sgian dubh Kilt pin Pen Pocket watch Cuff links. Jim
  12. Very nice. Wishing them a long happy life together. Drac
  13. Amy and I are joining the craze. That is getting off our butts and if nothing else just get walking. Drac