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  1. He's got one made out of a a pelt I have my eye on. I have a lot ov things going on but I still think I can make it a Christmas present to myself. Turpin does very good work.
  2. What gets me is the way he always sits. Always with legs tightly together. That has to be uncomfortable.
  3. I understand from Beauwulf that Alabama recently changed it's beer law and the better brews can be had in that state now.
  4. Of course it's running. It a VW You'll be able to crank that after "Jesus Comes"
  5. I remember talk about flat caps not being proper to kilt wearing. I had never thought about it before, but just telling me not to makes me want to do it. Normally I would not even think about a flat cap.
  6. I can see that one is gonna be good for inside jokes for a while now.
  7. I think that may be good advice I know some folks are sencitive to the oils & have to wear gloves when working with some veriaties. I am fortunate in that I do not have to do this. I just gotta remember DON'T rub the eyes
  8. How can you tell anyway? Your taste buds must stay in a constant napalmed state Seriously though, I do know what you mean. Fire by itself is not flavor, it's just heat.
  9. I have a few veriaties of "The Devil's Soup" I make in the fall & winter. Real belly warmers. Thick with meat & perfict with buttered corn bread. I'd love to try yours someday.
  10. While we're on the topic I want to start a debate. Not that I really care a bit either way, but are they chilies or peppers? When Chris Columbus took them back to Spain he thought he had found Indian Pepper.
  11. I am starting to believe some of the bizzair things I've heard about you I like my sauces & I like cooking with verious kinds of peppers. But a stright out habby as a snack? Holy Crap!! .